Monday, January 21, 2008


I love sleeping. Going to bed and getting under the covers on a cold day! I somehow feel protected. Maybe it was because when we were kids mama used to make us all cuddle in bed and we would play the game of " IJA IL WOLF" ! How do we play that game ?

Basically we all would be mlabteen in bed me my sis and brother and mammy. Then suddenly she would say " itkhabooooo ija il WOLF?" And ofcourse being the kids we were we would fa3fit and scream and giggle and we would all hide under the covers! Then we would try to be quiet 3ashan ma yisma3na the wolf hehe

i bet you a blanket wont save me from a wolf but somehow ever since in my head i feel that if i'm under the covers no one can hurt me! No wolf or bo3bo3 or ghost! hehe (bo3bo3 bloggger i don't mean you here lol)

Anyway again i seem to have moved away from my topic! DREAMS! i get the weirdest most unexpected dreams! Usually it would relate to something i saw or something i spoke about.
Recently i had been watching "HEROES" and you can imagine the dreams i have been getting!
Most include me moving objects with my eyes or reading peoples thoughts :S

But my problem is i get so affected by my dreams and sometimes i wake up and i cant stand some people. Or i sit their and analyze those weird dreams and wonder what they meant.

Usually people say one thing when i tell them my weird dreams. They look at me with a blank face and say " sho mit3ashyeh mbari7?" or " mthagleh shiklik 2abl ma tnaami"

heheh :P i can go on forever about my dreams. I wonder is it my thoughts that i dream about or are some thoughts a result of my dreams?


Mrs. Al Ramahi said...

i dont really dream much.. and most of what i dream would be of what i was through that day.. deeper thoughts of what i felt and what i wanted..

I am only disturbed from dreams when either they are the "to be true" ones or nightmares.. and both are rare with me :)

Oriental Arabesque said...

I think, it means that you think a lot and you’re a very sensitive person too, and maybe sometimes you reveal less emotions and keep the biggest deal inside. It’s the same case for me. My dreams are full of incidents and weird details. Sometimes I wake up feeling tired like I’ve never slept the whole night because my poor brain was way too occupied and busy with all the 3aj2a of my dreams! :$

Before sometime I met a therapist, a lady who sees people’s aura and stuff…anyway, the moment she saw me (knowing that she has no background about me) she told me you think a lot and you usually have lots of mixed dreams, right? I was stunned.
She analyzed my personality and said it’s because I don’t reveal lots of emotions and feelings..though i thought i was an expressive person!!

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