Tuesday, January 08, 2008

What ifs?

Have you ever wondered about the choices you made in your life? The changes you went through and how the way you think changes over the years! Even the way you see things changes! Your type of friends change. Your sense of style changes.

How your experiences in life even if you regret some of them are what makes you who you are.. I personally went through a lot of changes and i was just sitting and wondering how different my life would be if i never changed! Would i be where i am now? Would i even be married? or would i be applying in "superstar"? lol Happy ? Depressed? Famous? Suicidal?

Did you ever feel that you have so much potential, so much to offer to the world? That you want to do so much but you are limiting yourself by where you are? Maybe you don't believe in yourself enough. Maybe you are not taking enough action.

What IF wake up 60 one day and wonder what i did in my life & if i made a difference and then i will look back at where i am now and wish i did something in my life.

Today i am making a decision. And i will no longer complain and wonder but i will TAKE ACTION :)

bukra bitshooofo :)


Qwaider قويدر said...

I regret many decisions I made in my life. Some I would love to go back and erase. While others define who I am and wouldn't want them to happen any other way.

Best of luck to you and your very tough decision

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

:) i guess that is life... aham ishi i7na to all learn from our mistakes. i feel life is full of tough decisions... Decisions that change everything..

MeFido said...

best of luck dino :)
i'm organized peron by nature and i tend to set plans for every action and decision i take, that helps me alot.

roalaj said...

Well every one of us reaches to a point that changes his/ her whole life, at least for a period of time. Hopefully your decision will be right, we are all with you sweetz ;)

WOW GOLD said...

Good posting!