Sunday, January 20, 2008


Many of your might have already heard about the rivers in the uae streets! But well maybe not all of you will believe me when i say in the most fala7i accent ( because i feel its more expressive) GHRIKNAAAAAA!!!!! I myself was shocked to see these pics!! I mean i think dubai has planned for so many things and its funny to think they might have totally forgot about the possibility of RAIN! Even in malls i walk and see little buckets of water everywhere where the walls are dripping!!

You needed a boat to get to your car if you lived in sharjah or ajman. Then after you manage to get in your car after a long swim. Your car might float and you might need to Row your way to work. :) I LOVED the RAIN! It was kind of hilarious to how people in the uae react to FLOODS!
It's like they don't know how to deal with it and are afraid to drive over the tiniest puddles!

PEOPLE your car will NOT break down from a small puddle. IT's just the MAJOR floods that you should worry about. Anyway i heard it might rain again soon! woo hoo! maybe we will have another unexpected holiday!

*dino is singing in the ma6arat


Oriental Arabesque said...

LOL..though the pics are horrifying!! :(

thanx God it wasn't THAT BAD in Abu Dhabi, looks like they did a better job when it comes to it's infrastructure!

i remember when i was in junior high (maybe 8th or 9th grade) rained heavily just like last week, and my school was 3am te'3ra2..they had to send us back home cause it was really dangerous and to reach home we had to make a brige from some wooden boxes to cross from one side to the was hilarious! :D

yasaminatdimashq said...

Yee how nice is the rain but not the damages and the dangerous situations! Ya rabbi tshatti bi 3amman, ra7 nmoot min elbard welnashafan :( La2 biddi talj a7san, khallina n3attel ;)

/\/\@Ye$$ said...

wow thats realy floods lool! i didnt expect this to happen uae !

Qwaider قويدر said...

7amdillah 3ala salamitkom

Kenny Ng said...

Many of my friends in Malaysia can't believe that desert can be flooded. That's nature phenomena that can happen every where in this world. Anyway, I think UAE needs more retention and detention ponds to prevent this case to happen again.

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

yes horrifying i didnt believe this was in the uae! i remember in amman a long time ago it snowed wa rawa7oona il bayt! it was soo much fun! :)

yasminati! dawatek istajabat i heard it snowed! tab 2d3eelna ya 7ilweh!

MayeSS i know! shofti ballah!?

Qwiedar Allah ysalmak

you are totally right kenny ng :) uae needs to be prepared for the possibility of rain!

Mystique said...

dina.. did u know that this post was published on 7 days or something? i was reading the blog page and one of them said dinadaloo.. i ran around the house like a maniac telling everyone that i know u (inno ya3ni serti famous) :P

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

WAYN???????????? TELL ME NOW! i DONT KNOW? when was this ?

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