Sunday, October 08, 2006

KItChen Dr@mA

its funny how its RAMADAN.. and we are supposed to eat LESS not MORE... yet we spend MORE hours in the kitchen in ramadan ! its like suddenly you crave everything... and what is supposed to be ONE meal turns into one continuos meal from iftar time till FAJR! LOL

And when u have people over its even more stress and DRAMA! its like u have to give them a wider variety of food cause that reflects your hospitality & generosity! ( and hungry ppl are very demanding )

So more hours in the kitchen... more food... more stress... i had to cook yesterday and i have to say.. ITS NOT EASY! especially when a lot is going on at the same time! CAKE in the OVEN! SOUP Boiling! BAMYEH about to burn!! Oil sprinkling EVERYWHERE after throwing the SAmbosa in the oil too fast! EEEEK! it was a MESS! i was A MESS!

u know the worst is the last minutes! u suddenly remember things like OMG " IL LABAN WAYN" <-- is="" or="" strong="" the="" where="" yougart="">" WAYN IL KHUBIZ" <-- br="" bread="" is="" the="" where="">
someone yells frantically " WALAK Roooooooooooooo7 jeeeeeeeb khUBIZ" <-- br="" bread="" get="" go="" now="" some="">
* brother sprints to nearest supermarket

its like u were stuck on an island for 10 years and u suddenly sit on a table full of food! LOL
Dino$ :RELAX PEOPLE its just FOOD!!

*moment of silence... expressing how offended they were... shock/horror/disappointment written all over their faces.. group GLARES at me with threatening looks that said
" HOW DARE U" lol

* sharp objects and shoes fly at dina from all around the room! :P

so after a hectic chaotic day in the kitchen. the food was good.. there were 2 survivors lol
:P just kiddin.. * pats herself on the back.... CHef DIno$ in Da House... but i do not want to go through those last stressful moments b4 ADAN ! i felt like i was in an exam and the bell was abt to RING and i didnt finish writing!!


that went well... what a happy family.... (skipping in garden) singing " lalalallalalala"

not only that but then there is the AFTER- Cooking EFFECT THE DISHES!!

The nutella cake was successful too :D yeay! MAMa was proud of me * blushing*

side life or death note : never piss off a hungry person ... especially if he/she is fasting


Abed. Hamdan said...

lool, u made me laugh!

you are talking about it as if it's a war or something lol

but It's true! and yes we eat more in Ramadan, I always put on some extra pounds in Ramadan :S

Feras othman said...

** PS **


b3deen i want to taste the nuttela cakes :( , good to know the dino$ know how to cook !!@#$%

yalla u earn more points ;) lol

havent seen u at my blog why ?!!

Dr@ma Div@ said...

hmm, me i tend to go to bazaar ramadhan n spend money on food...
suddenly, you become greedy and would like to have everything!! but only God knows how many leftover foods on the table afterthat...

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

ABED lol its worse than WAR!

FERAS : been busy cooking hehe ill tryto to drop a line soon :D

drama diva : lol soo true.. another rule NEVER GO to a SUPERMArket when ur HUNGRY!!!

Anonymous said...

:D that was funny

this ramadan kol el joyoosh taqahqarat 3nna, we gave up. no more wars :yai:

the most peaceful Ramadan ever.

i wanna taste that nuttela cake too :mad: :@

Anonymous said...

NUTELLA CAKE <-- shouldn't be a surprise from a Chocoholic


Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

weddo & muhannad khalas inshala ill bake a nutella cake for u guys hehe send it through DHL

hehe im also known for my m&m cake

Anonymous said...

Dina, I want the recipe!
You know ana 3ala wesh zawaj and men love their karsh a lot (3ala asas we don't :D).

You know what? I hate el 3azayem bi Ramadan(bas), it takes u all day long to prepare various kinds of food,u get tired w bten3ej2y, ma be2adden ella w ana ma ele 7ail akol,LOL.

la2 wel jaly, tell me about it, grrrrr

Anonymous said...

LOOOOL , that was fun , i felt every single word cuz this ramdan i had to help my mom doing all those stuff , and bela5er i said " mom allah y3einek " it is so demanding and stressfull , i told my mom next time split the families do many small 3azoome beetter than one big messy one ..... bs yalla Ramadan Karim

what is that nutella cake i wana know how u do it !

I liked the way u described things , the way u were talking was pretty amuzing and unique , i love yr style :)


Anonymous said...


kollo beddo el recipes :)

tb bel taree2 hati el recipe tab3et el M&Ms cake, sounds yummy :yai:

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

nana weddo and dar wala yhimkum soon ill post the recipe and a pic :P bas ya3ni then i wont be the only nutella cake chef hehe its kind of my invention.. soo u have to sign a paper for copyrights reserved hehe

btw for a while in uni i kept making cakes for them that i was abt to start picking up my phone saying " Dina CAKES"

oh and once... *crys* i was holding a project and an M&ms cake... stayed up all night making both...
they both fell... on top of each other.... wa ma t-hanayt 3ala ishi.... sad.... but true...

Thanks Dar4 ur kind words :D allah yis3idak yumma

Anonymous said...

" Dina Cakes "lol that is funny :)


Anonymous said...

LOOL, OK will be waiting :D