Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Meet Gu3lus!!

this is gu3lus!! he might seem like a normal stuffed toy... dont be deceived.. he is actually a CD HOLDER.... he is habeebi! :) listens to me when i need someone to talk to! he also gives the best hugs!! have him here infornt of me at my work desk! hehe u know its not only gu3lus who is not what he seems to be!! In life we will keep meeting people like him... they seem to be something and are something else... not only that... but some ppl at first seem so gorgeous and beautful and when u get to know them... slowly thier cute image is blurred out and u can only see them as UGLY!! And some ppl are actually not that fortunate when it comes to looks and when u get to know them and how kind they really are... they are the most beautiful people on earth.

u know the only negative part of being in a office full of girls? welll its GOSSIP! :S i try not to be part of it but u get sucked in sometimes... istaghfarallah... even if u dont say anything sitting there listening is just not right :S argh...

soon ill show u "poolie" and "dookie" my other friends at work lol


Anonymous said...

lol ... looks like you found the perfect balance of looks and hearts in little furry adorable gu3lus

Feras othman said...

what a gu3lus you have ?!
where did u buy it from !!?
bdi wa7ad ana kman ;P

about your office can i put my cv for the job opportunities ;D
nice blog u have here bjad intresting to view , welldone

keep in touch my friend and thnx for visitting my blog

Dr@ma Div@ said...

gossip session is a lil entertainment that u can find @ work

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

muhannad ur right he beyond adorable! ill show u my kharoof poolie soon! :D

feras i bought it from here :D uae
lol abt ur cv..

drama diva yesss lots entertainement! its ramadan we have to limit the gossip :P

Abed. Hamdan said...

lool @ Gul3us! What a name !!

Gossips! It's not a women job anymore, Guys are doing gossips more than women sometimes :P

Dr@ma Div@ said...

oppps.... :-)

Happy love said...

lol gu3lus :mal5oom:
what does that mean !!

but he looks cute :-o:

Gossip, is just everywhere,cannot control it, but we can always control ourselves :P