Friday, October 27, 2006

HUH i look like Who?!?!

Ok... i was sitting with a group of people i have met for the FIRST time... and for some reason they ALWAYS have to say something like " Doesnt she look like"fat7ieh".. (fill in the blank with a name of your choice)"

Then the other girl stares at every angle of my face silently... Concentrating so HARD that her face turns into a confused frown!( i hate being STARED AT) then she screams and says


Dino$ : *nervous laugh*wondering is that a complement or an insult..

I have no idea who they are talking abt.... then when u forget abt that comment .. u do something and then they scream

" OMG OMG U & Bat3a ARE seperated at BIRth"

i have to say some people have NO SENSE of TAshbeeeh... they sometimes ask me if my friend and i are twins just cause we wear the same style of hijjab!! :S

anyway.. i dont look like anyone.. i look like ME!! Apparently a girl in JOrdan by the name of ZENA looks like me cause evrytime i go there strangers come to me about to HUG ME saying


ZEna if ur out there and somehow have come across this blog and have been told you are DINA... im the mysterious DinA ... lol

p.s. U should be flattered DAaaaaaaaaaaahling :P hahahahaha :P

i love how i compliment myself hahah *pinches her own cheeks*


Abed. Hamdan said...


wallah I prefere Bat3a to Fat7eyyeh

yallah good, fee mennik kteer sayer :P

Anonymous said...

ana besammonee Em tashbeeh :D looool kteer ba3raf ashabeh bas be6la3 saa7 .... I like when people say I look like melodies :P or my sister maybe cuz I love them I love to look like them ...


Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

hahah abed :) khalas i found ur wife! hahahha bat3a?! ya 7anafi!

yesssssss hahah well i doo it to ppl too! i think i did it to u! but u know melothies thus u know that they didnt shab-hoobki to GIrdeh somewhere :P its when u don know who they are talkin abt that it ANNOying!! yala ta3i dubay yaaaaaaaalaaaaaaaaaay

Ella said...

YES! I KNOW EXACTLY WHAT UR TALKING ABOUT ! and just like you .. i hate that tashbeeh process, its like get over it. i am me just like you are you.. can we get back to the ' normal ' conversation pweez:D

thanks for passing by babe ;)

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

hehe anytime ella :)

yes and sometime they are way off and say things that are too hard to believe like... " ballahi mush shabah ANgelina?" then some say" laila 3ilwe" ammmm a bit contradiction there buddies! lol

Abed. Hamdan said...


I prefere they call you bata3a rather than fat7eyya,

me marrying a bata3a ?? why not ! lol

Weddo said...

The first think I ask when someone says "you look like *bata3a*" is :
do you hate her :D?

Coz if they hate her o ana shabahha bekrahooni bardak :-o: mosh kowayyes abadan


theone said...

i think bat3a sarat kteer mash-hora

i wish i can meet someone with a name bat3a
that would be lovely :P

anyways lesh shayfeh 7alek :D?

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

abed lol khalas katb il khitab il khamees il gaye!

weddo hahaha yes do u hate her? is she ugly or cute?


za one ana akhir wa7deh akoon shayfeh 7ali .. really miskeeneh ana... jad... batkhawat bas kteer :P

Sex and Dubai said...

That's probably the most tired conversation starter/pick up line in the history of mankind. It's cool if the women try that on you, but when guys start doing it - puke.

Anonymous said...

Laykooon enti Zeina mo Dina .... Ashok fi kalamek ! lol , sheklek lama t7ebi te5lasi men 7ada bte7keeelo la2 ana Dina ....... wait a sec walek latkooni schizophrenic !! h3 , tara betla3 menek 7arakat heik !


Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

yeah SID its very sad how ppl actually use that line... and sometiems its " havent i seen u b4?" :P

DAr.. kashaaaaaaaftniiiiiii ya inspecter GAdgetlol

Naryat said...

thx 4 the comment on my blog ;-)
well, i do this alot!
I liketo figure out the similarities between people! hehe
I love to do it to people, and people do it to me some times, know what?
I had 4 look-alikes in uni loool
One of my friends used to tell me always: i saw you parking your car behind the faculty...
i used to smile and answer: i don't drive to uni, i use public transportation :-)

the guy who writes this crap said...

i'm pretty sure there's a cloning program out there. how else would you explain stuff like this?
I have a friend and everyone who knows him, has seen at least two clones of him. FREAKY! coincidence? i think not.

Anonymous said...

Well i think u r one of a kind , since you are tall and have a big toe and always wear the black thing, and always wear sunglasess,so i bet you don't look like anyone.

Anonymous said...

If I were her , I wouldn't be flattered to look like you ,I mean you look like ...yuck!


Anonymous said...

I should change my name, as I don't want anything to do with you !