Wednesday, October 25, 2006

2D@y was A H@ppY D@Y

Unlike yesterday which was utterly depressing.. today was a good DAy! i know we all have those days... believe it or not EVEN ME! hehe :P I woke up and spent the whole day with my friends...i still have a holiday till SUNDAY! Wooo Hooooo!! i spent the day not only with my friends but with habeebi BABY hamza!! MAshala 3alieh.. Allah yi7meeh...

im like his stalker! PAPARAZZI! taking photos of him all day.. of his every drool.. every nap.. every burp!! Id be standing there making weird noises and faces and ppl would stop and look at me weird!! im used to that by now! hahaa

no matter how depressed i am... if i see a cute baby i forget everything!!! Anyway not only that.. i also... went SHOPPING!! i think shopping is THERAPY!! for WOMEN at least! hhehe maybe it has a REVERSE EFFECT if ur a MAN... especially IF ITS ur WIFE spending YOUR MONEY heheh

today i counted my blessings... i counted the many blessings and thanked God for all that he has blessed me with... i was abt to count my money... changed my mind

side note : i should not be given MONEY... i spend spend spend like there is no 2moro hehehe :P

but i hardly go shopping... but when i do... Oh OH

*pockets of pants dangling out of pants :P


"Back OFF .. Dude !!" said...
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"Back OFF .. Dude !!" said...

So it is true after all !!

Every day is another day !!

:: دمتم على سعادة ::

قولوا آمين

Anonymous said...

:) Eid mubarak to you too!
konna fayn o ba2ena fayn ... !
glad you liked the link ... it's a nice uplifter

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

AMeeeeeeeen DUDE!

Muhannad! :) shoft ba2a?
Umaaaaaal Eh dana zay il fireeek maleesh shireeek :P he aw aw awwww
m3alima dondon hehe:P

il eid lisa ma khilis fe nas ma 3aydt 3aliehum is it too late? eeek :S

Feras othman said...

about the shopping therapy issue :)
believe me when i say i totally agree with u ,but for me maybe having a night party as the one that i came back from since minutes would fix the whole issue :P
the music is still in my ears @#$%&

gotta go to sleep wish u all happiness

Dr@ma Div@ said...

one of the best way to brighten up my dull and depessing kinda day is by doing some shopping! it is a theraphy indded!

Love to have my retail theraphy whenever i feel down.. and the best part is, it WORKS!

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

hehe i guess we all have our ways to cheer our selves up feras :) so the therapy applies to guys too? hehe

drama diva i totally agree with u ! ehhe hope u had a happy EID sweetie :)

Anonymous said...

Cooolio , thats wat i want to hear , inother words and in yr dictionary money buys happiness ;)


Hopeless Poet said...

Happy Eid :D
And so what did you buy? :P

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