Sunday, October 29, 2006

My Phone Drowned!

not only do i drop my phone almost daily.... not only do i forget it ... yesterday it drowned in cup of water lol dnno how i dropped it in a cup of water! then i blowdryed it!! haha anyway... and believe it or not IT'S ALLIIIIIIVEEEEEEEE! :P

is there such a thing as phone rights? hehe u know i feel sorry for my phone....


Sex and Dubai said...

I do exactly the same. I think I might end up wearing it around my neck like an ID tag or something. Damn thing - its survived all my beatings though. If phone's had rights, we'd be in the Fononokia jail...think Axiom or Cellucom would bail us out?

Anonymous said...

Loooool , sha3talti amalo .... ba3dein what is the risk eno a phone drops ina glass of water , ya3ni it drops in a pond , masba7 ...... bs glass of water !!! * still wondering * bs yalla 7amdellah 3ala salamto !


Happy love said...

my phone was in the hospital o 6ele3 bel salameh bs el camera ma zab6at :( m3 eno la we2e3 wala may wala eshe !!

7amdelah 3ala salamto :)

Anonymous said...

:) ever wondered what your phone would say if it could speak! lol

Anonymous said...

LOL .. 7amdellah 3ala salamto .; well I drop mine all the time :) .. no matter how careful or protective I am .. haven't dropped in water though ! ..

Hope your phone will last and survive more and many drops to come ;)

Abed. Hamdan said...

7amdellah 3al salama !

I dropped my mobile in the water @ kuwait beach. It stopped working for a week,then got back to life!

it was the sooper Nokia 3110 :D

Anonymous said...

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Dr@ma Div@ said...

dunno what happened to my nokia 6680 last month during ramadhan, before i hit the bed, it was still working.. when i woke up, it cant be switched on.... i've sent to 3 diff service center, none of them can repair it.. arghhh... time to change a new hp... :(

Dr@ma Div@ said...
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Hala said...

LOL well my phone suffers with me as well. I drowned it before too, so do not feel bad ;)

Dropping it is a habit now :P

ArabLady said...

Ya wili sho shatra!! Lik bosa min hon w wa7da min hon lal ur dad w a7la taleffon bkoon 3indik ;)

Nizam el tabweees mashi tama el tama ya m3alim (^_*)

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

S&D haha i though of that necklace idea! i guess ill meet u in Fnnnokia jail :P

hahah well ya sayid dar iwas filling up kassset may and then my phone rang ijeet arud .. *PLUPPP* wiki3 mini... then sashwartoh wa mishi il 7al :P mashala bideesh a7sido :P

happy 7ub 7amdeila 3ala salamt mobilitch tab jarbi 7uteee fi kasset may balki 6aaab :P

ya mhannnad my phone would probably yulum and say " ir7ami man fil ard yr7amuki man fil samaaaa2"

tea lover lol thanks for ur prayer i must say i never got that prayer b4 lol

abd hamdan... ur phone might belong to my IRON teta!! lol a week?! the beach?! kaman in kuwait in the heat... ya3ni... mashala.. lol

anonoymous emm ill check out ur money making site :)

dara diva! awwww pooor u!! maybe it had a stroke or seomthing hehe :) Hopie ur next phone is as strong as abed's phone that survived being thrown in the BEACH!!!

halhoool yes i know its a habit.. i drop it and ppl around me GASP and i just say.. " 3adi 3adi" lol

i duno how many kisses i have to give baba 3ashan yyjibli TAlaphone!! the bosat get cash not phones so ill just jami3 :P

Feras othman said...

i was wondering which one is big and which is small for a glass of water to sink a mobile in ?!

y3ne is the cup that big and wide
or the mobile is that small ??! :)

3kolen glad that ur mobile is still alive , do find an insurance company for ur stuff next time lol
be safe my friend ;P

ArabLady said...

Mmmm Feras beda negotiation and discussion to solve the mystery! Which was bigger or smaller!!!

Hmmm any engineers here to solve the dilemma: P

Dina…mna7 el cash …. ;)

Anonymous said...

acrually both are BIG! the cup is more liek tanjarah and the mobile is nokia n70 ya3ni kbeer !! :S

yala gat saleemah

ARab 2imra2ah :) yessss mnaaaa7777777 he3 he3 he3 bas keef aboosoh is the question lol have any suggestions? how to approach my dad without freaking him out :P

Anonymous said...

LOOL, don't remind me Allah yerda 3aleeky :'(
be careful 3an jad.