Sunday, October 01, 2006

MY FIR$Y D@Y @ Work!

Soo... my work starts at 8 AM in ramadan which means i have to leave the house at around 6 to avoid traffic!! anyway i decided to SLEEP EARLY and as usual.. WHEN U PLAN ON SLEEPING EARLY the OPPOSITE HAPPENS! i stayed up in bed staring into space till around 3:oo AM.... had to wake up to have some coffee for suhoor or ill FAINT!! so welll had the cofffee prayed and left to work!! its weird when u leave the house BEFORE THE SUN is UP! its weird.. its like staying out late... but not really...
*blank look on face

anyhow... i forgot to mention that in the past 3 days i HAD 2 ACCIDENTS.. BOTH my fault

the car head lights fell off .. so did the front part... but hamduilah nothin happened to moi other than hearing some long lectures from my BABA... *biting fingernails * dinos starts writing her will

Sooooooo my first day at work was AMAZING! i love it i love it i love it.. hamdulilah :D its just the waking up early part that annoys me... dont mind leaving early! hehe my normal non ramadan work time is 7:00 AM so i have to leave the house even earlier.... EEEEEEEEEEEEK!

you know.. i had to go through a couple of crappy job experiences that included sleezy people, psycho bosses, extra hours,stress, etc...till i finally got to this one... and it just FELT RIGHT!!

but then again its just my first day.. but thre is no perfect job.. is there? *wonders

* twilight zone music plays in her head lol inshala khier

And i know i would not have appreciated it this way unless if i had bad experiences... sub7annALLAH... i think this same theory applies to meeting "THE ONE"! i know when i meet him it will just feel RIGHT!

I GOTTA SLEEP! ooopss i mean... i dont want to sleep.. ( reverse psychology)... does that work on yourself? lol ARGH... the cycle is happening again... HELP!


Anonymous said...


Glad u liked your first day, Insha’Allah 5air, ma ba3raf laih ba7es the first impression is ALWAYS right, if you’re feeling good about it then Insha’Allah bedal good la 7ad ma troo7i 3a bait el 3adal :-b: LOL kidding :sc:

Esh bte3meli abel el dawam b two hours ? kollo 3al taree2 :|?

SK said...

Cool ..!!! How exciting.!
Cant wait to hear how it progresses my dear.
I started my job almost a year ago and i still love it. When it is the right one for you it feels dont even mind getting up in the morning!!!!
And then the weekend comes and you say..."awww, I want to keep working" ( ok, I dont love it THAT much..!!!)

Good luck bunny....!!!

Dr@ma Div@ said...

same here... i leave my house at 6.45am, latest by 7am.. before the sun rise, go home quite late... after the sun set...

But during ramadhan, I've tried to gome early... :)

SimSim said...

mabroook and glad u like it ... till now i tried 4 kinds of jobs and I still don't feel that this is the right one :S still waiting ... for the RIGHT to come :P

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

wedooo! inshala u r right! :D bayt il 3adal lol lisa yamma ka3dalik!

sk i will update u everyday :D i still like weekends though!

drama diva! poor u! i know how u feel!!!

simsim 3ukbal ma yeejiki the right job wa right 3areees ya gamoora lululeeeeeesh

Happy love said...

I also have to leave home so early,but not for work :-o: that would be my next semester :S
I know how it feels already, but always look at the brighter side :-o: