Friday, October 13, 2006


I have been asked to state nine things about myself, "weird or otherwise", and then tag six others by leaving a comment on their blogs. Hmm, okay now, let the parties begin! :P

can i mention more than 9? lol ill write more i cant write just 9! hehe

1. If perfume is sprayed next to me or if i spray perfume i sneeze... 3 TIMES wara ba3d

2. When i was a kid when on the beach id enjoy eating SAND. not with a spoon but i remember munching the ones that fly in my mouth with pleasure lol (pic below)

3. When i sleep my sister tells me i do weird poses! one hand on waist the other on my cheek! LOL oh i and also talk and have long conversations in my sleep!

4. When im nervous i sometimes scratch my nose, say the stupidiest things, blink more, lose concentration, and if anything is in my hand if its a paper it automatically torn into a million pieces... if its a can it is crushed.. if its a chocolate bar it is liquified... etc lol u get the point

5. I have Absolutely NO sense of DIRECTION! no matter how many times i drove somewhere if i get to to from a different location i FREAK OUT, brain goes BLANK and end up lost in a DESERT somwhere in OMAN!

6.When im shy.. my face turns into a tomatoe! i smile.. the smile is usually directed to my feet or someones shoes! lol

7. I add ketchup to almost everything !! LOVE ketchup! ( even with ceasar salad) * crowd cringes

8. I can perfect many accent and immitate people ofcourse i have many weird sound effects.. my friends know my "baby" voice... those who have not heard it... the first reaction i get is " NIFSI AFHAM MIN WAYN bItla3 il sowt" <---- where does it come from

9. Im afraid of tight spaces! Yesterday i was in an elevator with no mirror and the walls were made out of carpet walls! i FREAKED OUT! im clausterphobic!

10. After seeing the movie JAWS when i was like 6 if im swimming in a pool or the beach i feel there is a SHARK after me! eeeek

11. Very emotional that i could cry when i watch cartoons! <-- speaking of cartoons some are very disturbing for kids! Do children have to see depressing stories?! i remember once i saw a cartoon of a fly tryin to find his mom in every episode.. and when he DID find her the last episode SHE DIES right infront of him! THAT IS JUST WRONG ! hehe anwway <-- siwar al 3asal is the cartoon.

12. i dont like to eat( pickles, olives "ZAYTOON", sheep intestines,tongues or brains<-- now that i think is weird) *disgusted look
13. Normally people are ticklish under their arms maybe their stomache or feet! mee its... (its the first time i tell the world) its my FOrehead! more like the top of my head! u should see me when i go to a salon and she has to wash my hair.. i end up giggling to myself ! ehe lol

hmm i can go on but i ill spare u more of my weird qualities...
brain to dina : hmm people will think ur a weirdo now
dina: well i think they figured that out from my previous blogs
brain: *nods sadly
dina: im not weird... i'm unique.. special... eccentric ... at least id like to tell myself that :P hehehe

pl now im tagging Abed , Lady DonDon, $im$im, Ola, the one, Weddo, Dar :)


Anonymous said...

part 5 is really funny!

regarding part 8, I already have an idea;), hint: el malfoof,that was hilarious LOOOOL.

Abed. Hamdan said...


i liked ur baby photos :D

Cry even when watching cartoons ?? It seems we're similar somehow :P (children don't get the cartoon they watch)

A.R.RaHMaaN.FaN said...
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A.R.RaHMaaN.FaN said...


honey, u are one of a kind LOLz !! seriously, I have known so many ppl with weird habits and qualities but in ur case … it's exceptional !! I cracked up almost at all the ones u ‘ve mentioned.

regarding siwar al asal, I remember I got so emotional and depressed when I saw the ending too but I believe it doesn’t leave the same impact on all children. It’s different from one kind to another !!

SK said...

Ok..your poor sence of direction it true. But you handle it so well.. a big smile and a great attitude.. and you just keep on going..!!

Now that baby voice is something almost creepy. Bet you will market it one day.. it will be like one of the new super cartoon voices that makes millions!!

Note... kid came by selling chocolate Dino for his music class. I am sitting here looking at some serious trouble.. bought three huge chocolate bars. Can i put two in an envelope and send them to you? AHHHHHHHH!!!!

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

nana haha yes u have heard my malfoof song! hahaha :*blushing

yala im goin to check out ur list soon!

Abd thanks :) i was the chibbiest baby! ppl would see me and go.. ohhh how cute... *Attempt to carry me.. then just decide to pat me on the head lol

arr glad u enjoyed my weirdness lol
yes that was a ssad sad cartoon!! dont think ill ever get over that last scene

SK! hahah yes u were there to witness that every time im in the car i GET LOST! haha yes u also heard my freaky voice! i forgot abt that lol miss u !

Feras othman said...

dont u think that these things are private ?! for ur partner one day ........:P
well nice things u made me think of the ten or tweny of mine :D

be fine
dammn u r sweet even if u talk much ha ha ha just kidding ;p

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

hi feras! private? hmm wonders lol lets hope my future partner never finds out i have a blog! he will definitely change his mind...

i tend to get carried away in this blog and i forget PEOPLE ACTUALLY read it! that i even gave it to PEople WHO KNOW ME ... eeeeeeeeek

*thinking of consequences

* people look at dina in a weird way and point hehe

Dr@ma Div@ said...

i cried at movies... cry like nobody's business... i even cried during batman n robin? am i insane? nope... :P

Feras othman said...

lol :D why when i am sensing that u got nervous .....!! take it easy ur blog is nice and reflects exactly the good head that u hold on your shoulders ,oneday ur partner will be proud by ur blog :)

maybe he'll be from ur blog readers ............. lol lesa 3m bfker a3tini TIME hehe ;)