Monday, October 23, 2006


EID REMINDER.... to those who havent showered in a long time.. probably since last EID! WhAT BETTER DAY TO DO IT than TODAY? lol

so....i don't know if i mentioned this before but i can hardly express any emotions to my dad... and well i kiss him only on EID and when i travel to another country!! so well today i kept planning the scenarios... how will i approach.. which cheek first... will i SAY i will give you a "bowseh" or so i just drop it in the middle of a conversation...

like...."BABA WAYN IL *quickly kisses dad's cheek* 3eedieyeh *runsssssss <-- dad where's the $$$$$$$

hahhaa or mayeb i ll wait till he take a nap... aaaaaaah lol soo sad.. he is my dad..

anyway... after many plans.... and consultations from my sister... i HAVE SUCCEEDED... i backed out the last minute last year lol

oh and i also GOT some ca$h Wooooo Hooo... *calculates so if i got 1000 .... 500 for each kiss.... im thinking i will kiss my dad more often... hahaha

p.s. my dad is not a monster nor is he scary... he is just soo serious and well expresses his love for us through food and money and other ways that dont include hugs/kisses heheheh..

he is just not the mushy type thats all... but he has a BIG HEART behind his BIG KARSH (belly) <==belly and frown :P

*wonders if sometimes she should keep things to herself .. tooo late for that



Anonymous said...

Loooooool , so funny , i feel u :) but somehow i am used to it .... to the eid or travelling kiss :)


Anonymous said...

Sorry forgot to say Happy Eid :)


Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

:)hahah someone knows what i talking abt ... hamduliah :P


Anonymous said...

Eid Mubarak to you too :)

Anonymous said...

LOOOOL @ u. If he only reads what u write about him, 2al he has a big heart behind his big karsh LOOL that was hilarious.

Happy Eid dandoonty. xoxo

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

thank nabil same to you :)

NANA sweetie! haha yes i was imagining if he read it... *GULP*
*biting nails*

my dad? KARSH? who what? lol
walik ishta2naaalik ya lady dondon
:hug: really i did :gublah:

Hala said...

LOOOL hilarious :P

Happy Eid to all :)

Feras othman said...

just passed by to say :
ween el ma3mool tb3kom daw2ena
b3dek btet3ayade cash ?$ @;)@
ya nyalek ...zman btloha el 3adeh hay lol sorna e7na n3ayed ,,eh denya !! :)

have fun in 3eed

theone said...

kol 3am wa ento b 5eer

happy eid

SimSim said...

my father is the same type but as I said before I am still trying to know him and how should I deal with him :P

loool very funny loool

and happy eid ya 3asaal w entee 3ala top friends list walek :hug:

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

za one hunna?! *shahaQa*

zaghrooota... lol hehe haada 3an JAD il dinya 3eeeed :)

Eid Mubarak ya RAeef! :)

$im$im... haboooba! khajalteeni!!!
mwaaaaaaaaaaaa inti sukara!
btw glad to feel someone understands! :D

Abed. Hamdan said...


good, I will take a shower,

have a happy Eid ! and Enjoy ur time with dad! I know wt ur talking about

Happy love said...

a late happy Eid,but late better than never :rgs: