Friday, January 07, 2011

2 Shawerma & 1 Cosmetic Surgery

Its funny how common plastic surgery is today,
I am not against it but i have to say,
Sometime its successful and you might look better,
other times all i can say is "YAAA SAAAATTER"

Faces and bodies stretched and injected with balawee
Stuck with one facial expression for life! ya lahwee
Bits Added Others removed or moved to another area
after a while it turns into cosmetic hysteria!

If your aim is to get the lu3beh "barbie" feel
let me remind you she is not real
She is made out of plastic
So please be realistic!

If you have an extreme need for a cosmetic surgery its different
So if im offending anyone that is not what i meant
I am just saying from what i see on TV & some actors
too much surrgeries can lead to many disturbing factors

So what i am saying is that im not against it totally
And maybe one day ill tuck in my after pregnancy belly :P
But its just weird to see how common it is!
Woman after woman getting a new size .... 
I am sure one day i will be ordering something to eat
And a sign will say " buy 2 shawermas get one free surgery! our treat!
its like 1 out of every 5 people i meet
has had some sort of cosmetic tazbee6


Mala2e6 said...


if I see a normal girl now with a slightly crooked nose I feel like kissing her (don't get me wrong here)

I am with plastic surgery if it helps people with deformities or even help them with their ego..bas ya dino ya5ti some even get their ego do we deal with those?

Sniper said...

Mish b3eed abadan.. Drive-thru to order Shawrma then walk-thru the kiosk for a plastic surgery loool .. See the pic linked with my name :p

Anonymous said...

why not...

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

that day is not far us :P

it will a drive-thru ALL thingy

Anonymous said...

I'm sure normal looking girls or girls with defos have low self-esteem , because let's face it , in order for a girl to have confidence she must look pretty . I sure want my girl to look pretty and natural beauty is dead !, its the beauty of big lips and big eyes and shiny glowy skin and hip and skinny boyd with curves in the right places and beauty is never about natural looking girls.So if the girl can't afford the plastic surgury , tough luck for her !


Dino$ said...

mala2e6 i totally agree! there is something beautiful sometimes about natural beauty. Sometimes its what makes the person special. You see some actors that have for example a gap in thier teeth or a bit of a crooked nose but dont change it because its now how thier trademark!

I have noticed that sometimes people are nicer when they feel insecure or not too confident when they feel they are gorgeous and start have that ego issue they trn into different people with attitude and they become snobby!

Dino$ said...

Sniper lol i can imagine! haha but lets hope they never get the wrong ORDER wala u might get stuck with the wrong nose or chin or maybe even an extra body part u never asked for :P

Dino$ said...

haitham yeah i am sure its closer than we think!!! maybe they will add a section in MCdonalds for it in the future

Dino$ said...

adnan.. i agree that the bar for beauty is set very high and well the truth is when your aim is to look perfect then you will never get enough surgeries and end up like this lady here ...

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