Monday, January 24, 2011

Dino is the Birthday Girl! WOOT WOOT!

 oh.. wow so much to blog about... but the most important thing about today is... its my BDAY maybe it is not is no longer my bday on the other side of the world but here in America It is still my BDAY and that means i can have as much chocolata as physically possible. But well truth is the day is almost over and i didnt reach that Goal :S Damn it :S hehe

So let me tell you about the annual dinner i attended last night. the one i mentioned in my previous post. the one i was worried about getting HUGGED in.  Lets just say it was FULL of HUGS, Kisses and SURPRISES. i was fortunate enough that some ppl found my scarf a bit intimidating and did not attempt to hug or kiss me. My husbands boss ( the one who attempted to hug me last year and was embarrassed when i jumped back involuntarily) learn his lesson from last year. i know i shouldn't have jumped back it was like my system just automatically reacts to a MALE coming too close. Its like there is a Zone with imaginary lazer and as soon someone is in that ZONE my internal  alarm just freaks out haha :S * dinos hears a voice in her head yell " ASTAGHFIRULAAAAAAAH" *said in slow motion.. look at the brigh side at least my involuntary reaction is not a SLAP!

Anyway... sooo this dinner party had a theme...its like you are on a boat cruising around the world and from each country enter dancers doing the country dance.. first country was BRAZIL and whati did not know is that this party would also have BELLY DANCERS.. well not really belly dancers but well they were dressed like belly dancers and were shaking shaking like Polaroid picture yeah yeah! 

*dino was drinking water.. *enter belly dancers * dino spits out water with shock.. * covers ahmeds eyes. *takes photos so she can draw them for the blog

Next country was Egypt.. so they got us humus and Mideastern food .. then my husband asks " how come they got Brazilian dancers and not BELLY dancers from EGYPT?

Dino " nefsak tshoof ra2asaat??? ( were you hoping to see egyptian belly dancers too??"

*dino munches on bread angrily and hopes he was JOKING
he better be..  i have a few egyptian moves up my sleeve

* dino hides sa6oor from ahmed haha

Anyway.. i left the party after the food arrived. just like we usually do at weddings haha and my husband was HUGGED many times.. kissed a few times...

*crowd says BOOOOOO

i dodged one HUG *dino takes a bow

*crowd appluads dino

in 30 mins i will officially be 29!!! and it will be the last year in my twenties... *ya fare7ti

so overall the party as interesting and well i cant say it was bad as i got to see some russian dancers move like they were from circe de soleil ! the man would jump up and do splits in the air and HOLD ON TO HIS FEET ! ALL ath the SAME JUMP! 

p.s. that is not khass ( lettuce ) on ther belly dancers head although it looks like it. it was meant to look like feathers. but i am sure a lot of jordania men would certainly call those ladies " EISH YA KHASSEH"

next post will be about my bday sarsooor and i will call it " thank u sarsooor "


Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

haaaaaaaaaaaaaappy b-day :)

kinzi said...

Habby Habby Bearsday ya Dindaalooooo.

Heh=heh, I have been thinking about that hugging post for awhile, trying to come up with some middle round. These have been big for me, the hugging-issue and for me more,men looking at the ground and bowing instead of making eye contact and shaking hands.

Each method is meant to show respect and affirmation, but means the opposite in another culture! How will we ever learn to love one another? Sigh.

At the cookie party, two of the Muslim blogger men grabbed me for a big hug and kisses! I was shocked! But then I realized, they are showing me spontaneous mother-love in a way my culture says is ok, they were crossing culture barriers to affirm me. I chose to receive them with joy, in spite of my shock :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Happy Birthday Dino :D

Dino$ said...

shukran sheehsany and i never delete any of ur comments ghareeeb :S ana aslan ma basade2 ala2ee comments :)

kanooztiiii thank u for ur fb msg and for sharing ur real name i feel honored to know u better now and hopefully ill see one day and prepare urself for MAJOR hugs from ME :) i am told that my hugs are "muree7a" ahaha my husband hates it when i say

"i am told" ino he keeps sayin.. u say that a lot haha

ne way.. wow u were sandwichd between 2 muslim huggers! haha u know i faced this problem with muslims as well. more when i didnt wear hijab and wore yoyo thug life baggy pants style.. *dino was in a RAP phase she is not very proud of haha

they think just cause u are not muahjabah its ok.. :S

the eye contact tip is great but still all are awkward :S and thre is no 100% effective plan.. haha all my plans failed in the party to stop my hubby from getting huds because they happen so FAST

Dino$ said...

dandoon thank u so much for the bday wishes.! they are always ghier from another DINA :)

Ms. M said...

Happy Happy Birthday! I wish you all the best in life and to ur family...

Sniper said...

lol @ "as physically possible" I wonder what that means! We've been in a similar belly dancer situation last year in a desert safari trip when an EVIL colleague at work pointed to her to approach us! My wife didnt have to cover my eyes cuz I turned red my self and left the place lol

I hope u didn't harm el sarsoor in ur BD cuz otherwise u would be in the headlines next day: Muslim Arab Woman Kills American Cockroarch! he he

Whisper said...

Happy birthday ya 7elweh w 3o2bal el 100 :)

Ana akrah el Sarsoooor !!! :"(

Dino$ said...

Ms M thank u very much for ur bday wishes :)

Dino$ said...

Sniper.. ofcourse i am exaggerating in the cartoon. my husband is very shy too and they were very far from us :P and about the safari trip we went to it and when the ra2asa came t dance we both left and took a walk next to the camels. :P i still dont understand why being in a desert safari includes a bell dancer? maybe cause its made for tourists and they love that sort of thing

Sniper said...

yeah tab3an el tourists like belly dancers, to them its like a symbol of the Arab "culture" :s

Dino$ said...

whisper thank u and aana aydan akrah al sarsoor but lazim kaan ashkoroh.. i will explain in thenext post bas akhales il cartoon

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for your daughter , for having a mother or freak like you.


Qwaider قويدر said...

Sorry for being late

HAppy birthday and 3o2bal el 120 :)

BeBeKo said...

You are full of fun. I love to see your works and read your posts. Even the life is not a joke but your writing style makes me laugh as it is a joke.
May Allah be with you.