Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Dino$ @dVenTuRe$

oh wow.. yes i expected adventures today... but not this much!! lets see.. i woke up at 6:00 am... got dressed for an early interview... then well ofcourse i got lost on the way.. its like a MUST! even if i go to the road a billion times... its like a ritual.. i always take a wrong turn somewhere....

sooooo.... i head to the interview... and well.. i was a bit nervous and when im nervous i blush.. when im happy i blush.. when im stressed out i blush.. my face is pretty much always red ...

so i go in the interview tryin to be all laid back.. turns out the interviewing me has studied psychology and was analyzing me every move..

i feel so awkward when ppl stare directly at me for a long time.. i feel like i have to look away... but looking away sometimes gives the wrong impression..

so in the middle of the interrogation.. and staring straight at me.. he comments on how i seemed stressed out and that he noticed im blushing ! hmmm i wasnt nervous till he mentioned THAT!

SOo..... then he says casually... " there is an earthqauke" he doesnt move from his share..or flinch.. or react.. he was just smiling and so relacxed while the building felt like it was swaying from left to right!

i sat there unsure whether to laugh.. to cry.. to run.. to stay put! ( keep in mind the building is very high.. sooo... i thought i was nervous and imagined the world was shaking... turns out it WAS ACTUALLY SHAKING!!! AAAH!

i wanted to just leave the office and run ... but he was soo cool and casual and said.. " im not scared.. whatever will happen will happen if u want to go downstairs go"!! emmm i felt silly so i stayed!!!

SO well after a long interview... i leave thinkin " omg earthqauke!" as if i needed more events... this guy comes to me and says " hi my friend just saw u and wants to marry u give me ur parents number"

LOL that was defintely something i didnt expect.... i mean how can he decide to marry me just like that?! neway... so i leave the place.. go back home.. get stuck in traffic for a billion hours... ofcourse missed a turn somewhere... now i have loads of work to do... cant believe im blogging..

but omg.. today was eventful for me... i even forgot to EAT! *stomache growls

still dunno how the interview went.. wish me luck guys .. pray for me ...


sk said...

Yeah, yeah..lost in traffic,nervous interigation, earthquake, whatever.....tell me about the guy and the marriage proposal Dino....!!!!!
Details , Details......!!!

Well, no marriage proposals for me today. Just an overpriced bill from a garage mechanic with dirty hands and a possible case of frost bite.
Car is fixed though .... cost me almost $500...what is that ?...1500 dhm. Stupid cars. This town is so small it doesnt even have a bus system...cause I would happily get rid of the car and take a bus at this point. I do walk alot though.. butI aint no camel and I cant pack my groceries on my back...so , I deal with the car.

Earthquake. That is two for you guys in the past few months ? Is this a good thing ? ....lol
Once when I lived in Calgary with my mom ( I was about 15 or 16....) there was an earthquake...which is very rare for that area....and my mom made me run out into the hallway of the apartment ( 7th floor) to stand in the stairs with a cooking pot on my head.....neighbors came out as well...less the cooking pots. Nieghbors got a good laugh....ha ha ha.

I am trying to think of the counter solution for that staring thing the interviewers do. I hear that used alot. Apparently you just sit quietly and look back at them smiling gently. They will not usually speak again until you initiate the conversation...so If you see it happening try to have some key phrases on hand.

I would probably just smile and ask if there was anything else they would like to know about me or my qualifications....*innocent smile..batts eyelashes ...smiles some more...*

OMG..can I blush !....and I am not even shy. But I used to be terribly shy..so I think that reflex is still there and kicks in at the worst moments. Like if I feel a bunch of people looking at me..or yeah, an interview I had for the job I have now. But I just ignore it and collect my thoughts. I find it goes away faster that way.

Glad you survived the day ! Good girl.

Hey Mud...we will share some recipies with you so you can learn to cook.
Now, what you will need is :
A pot to cook in
a couple of cooking utensiles
some Nutella and some curry....

Tomorrow we teach you how to prepare it...!!!

m.s said...

Too much action, indeed it was a busy day for you. wish you all the best...anyway

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

thanks ms.. glad u enjoy reading my venting sessions!

Sk... thanks for remindin me that we are like offically having earthquqakes in uae ... *bites nails.. runs around with pot on head! hehe ops pot had left over spaghetti lol nice... takse off head and munches away

I GOTT get back to work.. SSomeeeeebody SsSSStopp Meeeeeeeeeehhh<--- poor "the mask" impersonation hehe

*crowd throws tomatoes on dino

Mud collects tomatoes and makes pasta sauce

heh hye mud.. sorry havent been postin during the day.. im a night person ehhe

*dinos sleeps like bats feet attached to cieling hahah imagine ? creepy? haha

i GTG this is bad for me.. BAD DINO NO MORE NET

*throws rocks at self and pretends to be lacy hahha

im soo sad......

mudassar said...

assallamu allaikum everyone..
hey i am back in my office now. that was a strange interview. lol. so did u get the job or did u just walk away from that place when he asked ur number...? stupid people.. hey sk i bought a electric pan so i am gonna start cooking once in a week. gonna start with bread and egg fry.. i hope i dont scare my room mate :)

hey dino i am gonna call the the batgirl like batman.. DINO THE BATGIRL.. lol.. jus kidding.. actually even i am sleeping late these days. i slept at 2.30 last night. again after dinner went to the beach with my friend.. it was so cold out there..

come couple of years back when i was sleeping on my bed, i started to realize that my bed was shaking and i was so scared that some ghost might have entered my room.. then people shouting that there was a earthquake. after hearing that i was so relaxed thinking that 'thank god i was not stuck with some stupid ghost'

Note- this is wat happens when u keep seeing horror movies..

after some time u kno wat happened.. people again came running towards me saying that run for ur life.. i was like standing and wondering 'wassup with the people, why r they behaving stupid early in the morning' and then i lady told me that SEA water is coming inside !! after hearing that is was like 'wat the @#@#'
did u girls heard about the TSUNAMI. trust me girls i was rite there.. cause my house in india is near the sea shore.. the sea water came 2kms inside the city and so many people were killed..

when people where running towards the city. i ran towards the beach with my uncle with the intention of saving people and helping them but i guess we were too late for all this.. everyone were gone.. one big wave came and took everyone with it..

after one week i went to the other costal area of india for relif camp to help the people who r in need. we went to the beach where so many people died, we went there and helping people burrying the body of the dead people then suddenly again we got the warning from the local police saying that again tsunami is coming. after hearing that news again all people started to run here and there.. i was standing right there beach nodding my head my left to right (this time even up and down) :) think wat to do now.. then even i started running towards the pickup and we just drove like mad people.. but i was not scared of death cause i belive that everyone is gonna die so why not today. but the person who was driving the car was so scared that he just drove like mad !! (scardy cat)

the whole town was evacuated within half an hour. WOW was a experience it was..

hey sky i think we people have something in comon that is even i dont like to watch tv. i rather like to go out and have some adventure stuff..

hey dino wake up habbibi !! wake up.. dont miss the morning sunshine :)

mudassar said...

i sa'a inti fi-noam?

Dead Man Walking said...

wad3ek sa3eb :p

sk said...

OMG Mud......you were in the Tsunami ?.....I suddenly have like a thousand questions for you.

And did we here about it ? The WHOLE WORLD heard about that man.

Electric frying pan.....okay, okay, dont panic..we can walk you through this.
Now first thing to do is...plug in the frying pan
Second thing to do...stop, relax and we will tackle lesson number two next week.

Bread and egg...good start. Good for you. Women love men who can cook !!! Once those eggs start frying there will be a lineup at your door. Your roommate wont be angry..he will be impressed !!

Yeah. Dino...we can get matching pots. Start some kind of offical club for earthquake prevention....we will need to measure heads for the size of pots.Or we just go with a large chinease cooking walk with handles...that would be good. Even my mother would approve...!!!

Work, work ,,, i have to go to work.....!!

mudassar said...

its gonna be 7.30 and i am stil in my office.. my office gets over by 6.. all r gone just me and my 2 staff are here.. sometimes its so scary...

thanks for the tip sky.. i will do as i say.. i love eggs !!

question of the day...?
how can u girls prevent an earthquake by using pots...?

i am soooooooooooo confused...

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

hey all..... im too dead to type.. my energy levels are = -5

i need chocolate.. i need energy..

soo much work to do... i cant even type... ill come back when i have energy... *collapses b4 she hits the enter key...

dmw... i know jiddan jidan sa3ib

lol@ muds arabic ... habibi means my lover .. and habeebti is for girl.. habibi is for guy... hmm so u just said i was ur male lover somehow..... nice going there buddy

*pat on the back

im dead...... SYSTEM SHUTDOWN...

mudassar said...


Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...


sk said...

MUD !!!!..do you get paid for that extra time ????

Like you would catch me dead at the office after my shift...no way man. They would have to pay me double...wash my car and kiss my *** if they want me to stay. I run my buns off all day. Great people to work for..but there are limits !

HOe to prevent and earthquake with pots...you are funny today !

The pots are to put on our heads of course. If a building is falling on my head..this will protect me...ummm.... I hope.

What is all this reference stuff to lovers???....why am I not in this conversation you guys....???? *stomps away angry*

Man..go to work all day and miss the good stuff. Typical SK, typical.

Oh, good weekend you guys....relax and be good.

mudassar said...

assallamu allaikum.. good morning and good night :) actually i left office at 7.30, but again after reaching home i went to the internet cafe to chatt with my friend.

no they dont pay extra time here cause there is no extra time.. everyone leaves office by 6 but i only go home late.. hey dino please teach me arabic. i wanna learn. OH God my arabic sucks big time !!

hey sky u must be very tierd i guess of all ur work, wish u a very warm sleep.. good night sky..

dino- any news about ur job? i am sure u r gonna get it someday.. inshallah..

i dont belive this. i jus started my work and i have begning to feel sleepy :)

Nana said...

LOL, what an adventure! :D

Good Luck girl (f)