Sunday, February 04, 2007

Awkward Moment$

Ok today im fine :) hamdulilAH :) was wondering what i should blog about today... and i remembered a reaccuring situation that im sure most of you might have gone through at some point of your life...

Scene: MALL

You are walking with your friend or mother or husband... in my case it would be with my cow :P hehe anyway... someone looks at u from far away and gives u the " I KNOW YOU look" with a WIDE SMILE... then u look around you.. behind you.. to make sure u are not going to look stupid smiling at a total stranger talking to someone else... then.. they start walking towards YOU... and now ur pretty sure its YOU they are smiling at... and you think... " WHO IS THIS?"


ok..ur calling me with my "dala3" name kaman.. so u sure know me...

i start searching the name database in my mind trying really hard to REMEMBER!! and .... mind is still BLANK... so i try to handle the situation without showing that person i HAVE NO CLUE who they are.. by just asking general questions and answering their questions in the same hyper way.... sometimes i succeed.. i avoid using thier name by using " habeebti" or "ba66a" or any other dala3...

it usually works unless if someone is with u and says .. SO arent you going to INTRODUCE US ??? :S

after a long awkward silence you run out of smart things to say..

they find out you have no clue who they are..... the smile turns into a frown... conversation ends on a rather agressive.. " SEE YOU AROUND" that sounds like " HOPE TO NEVER BUMP INTO U AGAIN OR ILL RUN YOU OVER" :P

im just simply bad with names... *sigh

here is a cool video i saw once in Digital Nomads blog... enjoy ;) look at the wonders of makeup and photoshop!! And then another video only the reverse effect !! :P Enjoy!!


Ramroom said...

looool "ba66a" :P
yeah it happpens..
personally, I can recognize faces "oh yeah.. I know that girl... hmmm but what was her name?!".. so I avoid using names..

sometimes it happens on the phone,, it's when someone calls you and starts conversations while u'r still wondering hmmm who's that person :???:


The Mo said...

loool ma as3ab el mawkef!!!
I was holding my laugh in office so that my boss doesn't wonder at what I m laughing! :p

I've seen the first vid.
However, the second is new to me, wal sho el designers bye2daro y3ajbo!

Life said...

hehehe.... ohhhh tell me about it..
and really the worst thing is when there is someone with you.. and you HAVE to introduce them :S 3an jad kter mo7rej ..

Great to know someone else is as bad as i am in names :)

have a strangers free day ;)

desert rose said...

LOL..oh God 3ala hadool el moments!
they’re so embarrassing..
sometimes I had to be rude and say sorry but I don’t really remember you (shu zou2 ana!:p)

sk said...

I can barely remember my own name.. how can I remember everyone elses..? I have had the same phone number for 8 years and pause before i say it out loud to someone..."uummmmm....oh... 722-****"...!
I guess i just havent figured out a priority system to rememebr things like that. I have a cooworker who works at a reception desk who rememebers everyones names...instantly. People walk in who havent been there in two years and she calls out their name as they walk through the door like they are best buddies..
And then there is me, and I only remember the clients who have outstanding characteristics...guess that makes me visual.

It can be embarassing... I am super nice with people and they feel like they made a connection... and then an hour later they come back and I am like... " hey, havent we met"? my defence though, I meet about 40 to 60 people in a day...everyone starts to blend together after a while.

I liked those videos. I hadnt seen the second one before.

I saw a program once on beauty perception in our culture. How do we decide someone is beautiful? Since we all have eyes, ears, noses and a mouth... they wanted to know what combination of those features created beauty to our eyes. People are very quickly able to point out the esthetically beautiful people... but why?Fascinating program. Again, it is perception.

have a great day....!!

Qabbani said...

nice Video

and meet some one u dont know name , 3adi , luagh then and say did u see what that ya ***** hahaha bdl 2nsa 2esmk zakreni aaaah 2wya ya Falneh

Dead Man Walking said...

I have the same problem, it's really embarrassing :S

Drama Div@ said...

this is normal to experience more frequent memory blocks for names people... . this kind of thing happens to me all the time... im getting older and older.. i know....

z3tr said...

i've done this so many times that people now just expect it of me ... i make sure i remind them about my bad memory now just in case i bump into them again ...