Monday, February 05, 2007

M&M Moi & 3a7mad

i saw this Proud Pali's blog! but well the hijab and abaya were my special upgrades! lol first hijjabi m&m in the world :P

So... today i wake up to my alarm... (to what i thought was my alarm) and i got dressed and as i was about to leave work i thought to myself.. weird how the alarm hasn't gone off again yet!! :S to my surprise it was 3:45 AM!! :S APPARENTLY my alarm didnt go off AT ALL.... and i DREAMT it DID!! :S


anyway here is the link to do your own M&M characters.. ENJOY Become An M&M


Ramroom said...

well.. it's a nice feeling to know that u still have time to go back and sleep..

I liked ur M&M character :D

Drama Div@ said...

nice background!

Qabbani said...

nice WORK
and Sweet dream :P

Fido's said...

I loved That! bus unfortunatily there was no hijab : head cover! how u added That! u are creative!;)
Allah ye7mki o 7'atebik

MOA_No1 said...

heheheheheee hee heeheh, first hijabi M&M heeheheehehe hehe.

i couldn't stop laughing!

Allah ye7meke enti o 7amoda.

Life said...

3an jad 7elwah and very funny too :)