Tuesday, February 06, 2007

$hort $tory About My Imaginary Cow

So apparently my cow has overheard 2 girls talking to each other... one asked the other " does this shirt make me look like a COW?"... then later on she overheard some people calling a really obese person a COW!! she didnt take it very well and ever since she has not been eating at all... she wears a corset to keep her tummy tucked in & well im starting to worry about her..

she mentioned how she also found it very offensive how when we want to swear at each other we sometimes say " ya 7ayawan" " ya bagara"... and she did mention something that made a lot of sense to me... she said sometimes humans are worse than animals... she has not heard of a greedy cow killing another cow over money or gold or whatever.. she has never seen an animal gossip... she has never seen a cow get high... no animal has ever robbed a bank.. thrown a bomb on innocent families taking away thier lives.. no animal has ever backstabbed thier friend... & one last thing there are people WAY FATTER than COWS!!

*cows mooing is louder now and i can see her eyes begin to tear

* titanic music playing in the background by one of her fellow cows

"TURN that off don't be such a sappy HUMAN" yells the cow to the other cow..

*DINO GASPS.... ok "OUCH" *breaks into tears

you know... she has a point... "im sorry cow" " im sorry Dino"

*scene ends with a hug :P

ok what was that? lol


Qabbani said...

So... plz ta7eyati to ur Cow , and tell her

HUMAN, and Galbha Kpeer , bring her Zaree3a

ramroom said...

loool at the scene :D

it reminded me with this quote.. msh metzakreh wen sme3to "The more you know people, the more you respect animals"

Iman said...

You are hilarious!

and I love your creativity! :) (mashallah!)

Drama Div@ said...

Difficult to say, people tend to used the word "cow" to insult other ppl since a cow is percieved as being a slower, uglier animal than a horse maybe... no offence k!
famous quotes:
- u're acting like a stupid cow
- u stupid cow!
- ... with a face lookin like a cow
- you're a cow

ppl nowadays, they are just running out of nice word to say..

Oriental Arabesque said...
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Oriental Arabesque said...

LOL..you're hilarious i swear

i laughed so much...

bless u :)

Weddo said...


Allah y3eenkom 3ala ba3ad :D

Anonymous said...

You know in India a "Cow" is worshipped , so a picture like this would get you into jail, lol :).


creation said...


Instead of Chocoholic Madness it should have been " Cow-holic Madness "

SomeGuyFromPlanet said...

looooooool. I watched a cow the other day, I looked at him and suddenly I feel so very funny. I love cow now I won't eat them.

wishingDudiSMILES said...

ya majnouneeeeeeh hahahahahah, that was soooooooo hilarious dudiii hehehhe, i swear ba7obbik, btw, wats up with the depression???i mean i know i saw you yesterday and we spoke about things, bas heik kteeer especially that 7uzn baby face blog..me talk to you soon love, mwaa

Mystique said...

LOL 3alaiki Dandoon..

ma ba3ref lesh 5a6ar be bali shaghleh.. tetzakari il osas il romanciyeh taba3 "beddy 3arees 3ala 79an abyad?" tla2eeki kinty t2ooli "beddy 3arees 6aweel 3ala Bagara Beda"

he3! Missek :hug:

Life said...

Wallah your cow has a point..

nyallek feha.. sho smart.. :)

SimSim said...

walek faze3aaa looooooooooooool

Hala said...

LOOOL hilarious :D

palo-girl said...

omg.. 7atta ilbagar 9aro ykhafo 3ala kasmat-hom!!!

3anjad akher izzaman. tell ur cow she'z beautiful no matter how meaty she is. and plus, when it comes to cows, the fatter the better :P

with regards to ur beloved cows feelings, i promise never to make fun of anyone by calling them bagara.

agool, min wein jabat il corset? khalleeha itjibli wa7de kaman :p

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

qabbani cow says hello wa thanks for the zree3a she prefers tabooleh :P

ramroom! :) nice quote soo true

iman thanks a lot :) :flower:

DD cow didnt like ur comment... she teared a bit when she read abt the *whispers* "UGLliest animal" animal

oriental arabisque :) inshala dyman u will laugh

weddo :) ishtagtlikay yumma

Kareem should i start expecting someon to arrest me? let them arrest fast food restuarants who eat cows :P i love cows :P ( but i do eat them too ) hahah

creation u are righ im considering changing the title of this blog soon

somegyfromplanet... its ok to love them and eat them :P ehehe i mean to be eaten by a loved one is better than to be eaten by some random person :P hahah ok what was that?

alooosh my laff :) ba7oobik aktar

mystiqe lol at bgara baytha lol

life im thinking she has higher iq than many ppl i know :p maybe its all the za3tar she eats

fi single 6owr 7awalieki?

halhool :P hi

il corset min sagf il siel ma7al shabh dolphin il fil bayader bas ismo Cow- Enza far3 min le senza :P