Thursday, February 08, 2007

People Are Like T-$hirt$

i love making up little metaphors from everyday life expereinces.. i thought of all the clothes i have in my closet... all those tshirts i never wear... and that shirt i always wear... & sometimes when i clean out my closet i find a shirt i forgot i had but has been hidden under a pile of other shirts... so there are different types of shirts which reminded me of the different types of PEOPLE i have known.... there is the :

The Favorite Shirt

The one you wear most of the time and no matter what happens to it and no matter how worn out it gets you overlook all its flaws and cant let go of it.. Even if you wear it everday you still dont get sick of it .. ( no i dont wear the same shirts everday cause then i would stink :P

The Occassion Shirt

The shirt you can't give away because you like it to a certain point but not enough to wear it except for on certain occassions

The Nice Shirt

The shirt you like a lot but seem to forget you have it till every once in a while when you find it while you are cleaning your closet.. its not that you dont like it... you actually really like it... but as soon as its out of your sight its out of ur mind.. you can't give it away because you like it... but not enough to see it everday

The Embarassing Shirt

The shirt you once really really loved... wore all the time... then slowly it changed with time... u are determined to hold on to it no matter what size it is.. no matter how many holes are in it... but then after a certain point u have to let go you realize you are ashamed to be seen with that shirt.. and even if you love it ... its no longer your style..

The Summer Shirt

Those shirts you leave in your house in jordan because you wear them only there in that weather... you love them but you only see them once a year

The Obligation Shirt

That shirt you dont really like but HAVE to wear because your mom got it..

ok i'll let you all figure out the meanings behind my shirt metaphors :P if u dont relate at all.. its ok.. i hardly understood what i wrote... i have met a lot of weird shirts... so glad to have my favorite ones.. so sad to have had to let go of some that i once really loved...

makes me wonder what kind of shirt i would be to some ppl *sigh*

have a nice weekend :)


Qabbani said...


okay its nice classification

i dont have such things...

formal man

Anonymous said...

If u were a shirt, then for me u would be the shirt that makes me smile each time I wear it..

That was a weird sentence..

Mrs. Al Ramahi said...

all these shirts are in my closet too :) very nice post ..

sweet sugar said...

nice I don't think theres a woman out there who doesn't have the same

Drama Div@ said...

i lurve my "America's Next Top Model" rhinestone baby tee! thanks to my x-bf who bought it for me in US...

Life said...

I will give you a thump up for this post my dear...

I am wondering if you mean what I think you do…

I use to refer to people by colors... and others stuff..
Now they are shirts... That cool...

A bit weird but COOOOOL..

Nice week end to you too..

palo-girl said...

damn, id hate to be an embarrassing shirt.

you missed out one though: the shirt you used to think was gorgeous, but then as time passed you realized just how ugly it is.

i know a lot of shirts like that.
i mean.. u know :p

Weddo said...

I like this post :D so real!!!

Life said...

Oh yeah Palo-Girl most of them are like that... :D

The Mo said...

Very nice analogy done :)

We all have these t-shirts :D

And we are considered all of those t-shirts to others too :P

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

qabbani :) it doesnt have to be shirts could be suits :)

anonymous.. that is one of the sweetest things anyone has said to me.. thank you

mrs. al ramahi :) thanks

sweet sugar :) hi ;) glad we are on the same page

drama d :) i guess you defnitely have something from that relationship :)

life :) i refer to ppl as many things this is just one of the journeys in my mind :P

palo girlie lol yes i forgot those shirts that seem to be nice then when u wear them they are horrific!!


fe kteer balayiz yumma bala7ikish

weddoo izayik! :) yis3idik Rabbik ya banootati!

The Mo... ur right we are all these tshirts to someone out there... i wonder who i embarass though.. hehe