Saturday, February 17, 2007


all you people who have been to jordan and have tried mansaf will find this hilarious! And if not u will have all the jordanian "turath" in one video! LOL

i love when he says "6argi3 asab3ak" hahhahaha "da7bir"

omg sho gordunieh il mus6ala7at!! :P


MQabbani said...

Kolshe 2la al mansaf ...

azka she lama "2da7ber" o 2tnadi al shab 3asahn "Yesharb" o "Te3'eb" al jameed WOW..o ba3edha totlb Cup of Jmaeed Yummy ..

i had post about Jameed cup

o after Mansaf u need Gahwa Sada oooh my GOD it's A+ and help u to reach home ...

i cant eat mansaf bel Mel3aGa at all ... aza she la da7bara ,

o alsder yali ana 3leh .. 2eGri al salam ....

fee mathel for Mansaf say

3'ob 3'ab al Jmal o Gom Gomet Rjal ..

Mansaf aaaaaah its a gift :D

this the only Jordanian meal that mom do for us ...and OMG its A+

3endi yaha azka men aker akl shami

Qwaider قويدر said...

it's not nawaryyeh!
Da7ber (labaneh)
Targi3 .. Asabee3ak ... it's cool ... It's fay3a

Summer said...

Really funny stuff! thanks for sharing.

SimSim said...

yuuuum mansaaf looooooool bas mesh zale6 !! looooooooool

Abed Hamdan said...

الله يعليكي

هذا الزلمة بذركني بحالي

المنسف الو رجااالوووو

e7em e7em

The Mo said...

msh 6abee3ii LoooL

He gave a good summary :D

Jad said...


Moey said...

I've always hated jameed and mansaf, now I hate it more.

Mrs. Al Ramahi said...

looool nahfeh..

ramroom said...

that was hilarious!!

Life said...

"Anonymous said...
Eew so disgusting! , like most Jordanian people . :) "

That is not a jok.. and if you thought its a good one.. then you are wrong.. its a bad one..

If you think so then you dont know Jordanian people..

The clip is funny.. and just like any country and cultur.. they have things that they just laugh about..

the mansaf is part of our cultur..

Any one who thinks its disgusting.. can keep his opinion to him self.. and not judge people that way.

Firas said...

These phrases are not Nawareyeh.

Nawars are gypsies they have their own language.

These phrases are Jordanian/Palestinian.

I hope it's clear now.

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

ok comment deleted i love jordan and mansaf :) and im sorry if anyone was offended by the post...

jordanians are not disgusting anonymous...

anyway... i miss jordan :(--

i miss mansaf.. *sigh

bidi "2ada7ber" wa "a6arge3 asabee3i :P

thank for ur comments & firas thanks for clearing that out :)

Life said...

thanks 7abibti.. I am so glad you deleted that..

So next time you are Jordan.. elek a7la mansaf karaki... mene ana sha5syan.. o aked 7amodeh ma3zom kman ... hehe

o benda7ber" wa ben6arge3 sawa..

Just tell me you are here..

Hala said...

LOL hilarious, but now I feel like mansaf :(

Lammoush said...

looooool mesh tabe3eeeeeeeeeeeee hahhahah fa2a3et men il do7ok

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