Tuesday, February 20, 2007

TV Hypno$i$

Maybe most of you would relate to this daily experience. You are passing by the living room and you really don't plan on sitting in front of the tv but you are suddenly drawn to some scene from a movie or show.. so you say ok ill stand for 5 minutes till this scene is over then i will go do something useful... the scene turns out being a whole movie.. you have now been sitting infront of the TV for the past 4 hours... and that was not your initial plan.... :S you are now a couch BATATA!!

its like this invisible magnetic force field that you get caught into & once you are in... its hard to just stand up and leave!

We have decided not to get a tv in our house inshala... i hope we will able to live without it... to think of all the free time we would have instead of watching tv! Television is actually one of the main reasons families have lost thier "bond". When there is TV the whole family are sitting in one room staring at a screen but they don't interact together or have normal conversations.

Anyway i imagined how my life would be with a tv and KIDS!! Id be hypnotized by the tv while our very hyperactive kid will run around destroying the house! :P ok i tend to exaggerate a bit :P but conclusion is i think tv is addictive and when i think of all the time i spent infront of a screen....of how many hours i spent from my life watching tv.... it freaks me out :S


PŕōuđPāŀĩ said...

i lived for a year without TV in my flat, and i did do more than i do now! i rarely spent time home :S which saved me some on my bills lol

i agree it does have an effect on family ties, laheik they usually urge couples not to have a TV in the bedroom (as most ppl do) coz it just deminishes all percentage of quality time and deep talk.

get cow away from TV as well :p soap operas will mess with her head :D

MQabbani said...


allah yeser ..

you need to control ur self , buy not waste time on TV .. and not brig TV is a weakness

don't bring Internet "CAN U " ... cuz to me its the real magnetic

Anonymous said...

"We have decided not to get a tv in our house inshala"

Believe me YOU WILL.. I mean can u live without MBC4 ?? ..

Anonymous said...

"Comment moderation has been enabled. All comments must be approved by the blog author."

I HATE THIS .. But I understand...

Mala2e6 said...


did I ever tel you that I LOVE your artoons and your bagara?

ok if i haven't then now i do

tv is a good magnet for dust..i watch tv at nite,a movie maybe,i am not a couch batata..i am a carpet batata (i like to sit on the floor)

Tv is not the reason why families are not bonding..you should come over and see us bond..fighting is bonding right?

fighting over what to watch,although there is another tv and another sat..fighting over a certain incident in amovie with differant arguments on what shold have the actor done and haik..so..tv is bonding

how about when u have visitors and want to watch the latest news on al jazeera or the latest of star academy and who is the new nonminee..7aram..:D
you'll be forced to get one ;)

now internet..is not..unless u gather others to read with u and see the newest pics on my pictures..

now i found out that tv,internet are as bonding as glue.

btw..nice pic ;) i can see that ur bagara is not there..

Mrs. Al Ramahi said...

I actually hate TVs.. I cant sit for long times watching anything.. When we have guests i turn the tv off so we can socialize and talk unless they are boring..hehe.. TV is addiction to some people and it is very wrong if it is exxagerated..about kids, parents should put rules for their kids for moderation in watching tv and even shows..

very nice pic :)

Hazel said...

LOL at the cartoon..

that will be hard to Isolate ur self and ur family from the whole world.. i know one family who did what u want and belive me thier kids are too shy to even contribute with others..

its true that TV has many negative effects but it also has its positive impacts on us..now u have varieties of channels and programs to watch.. islamic, educional,decent entertainment.. so u are the one in control here :)

Rasha said...

Ana kteer ba7eb il TV , especially Haifa wahbee's songs, lol . Boos il wawa , :D.


Anonymous said...

i simply loved ur blog .. but i guess you have received compliments looking like this one ...

Anonymous said...

OOh .. im sorry im the secret admiror, i didn't know it was going to be anonymous. I am an arab female.. to make you feel secure (?) maybe .. But I am truly admirative of women like you. I don't how this thing works to stay in contact with you .. but i am sure I will find how .. Good luck

Jaz said...

I knew this day would come, where we humans stand for the evil TV and destroy it :D

Liked the freaking out part of the wasted time :D

No seriously now, I don't watch TV, but you did draw a really evil picture of it! I don't think there is a harm in getting one TV to watch what's important from news and events. Beside watching TV sometimes helps couple communicate, for an example they could make a romantic movie night, which later on becomes something they both like to do!

That was on the hand, on the other hand, 'TV will extinct in the next 5 years' - Bill Gates
Now you do hate TV, but will you manage to see that the Internet in the near future will be 'TV'?!

AnonymousNOT said...

Your cartoons are funny as hell
Maybe through them, you'll be able to teach people how to spell before they comment on your blog
Annoys me - sorry had to say that
You should have your own TV show
I know I'd watch it

nido said...

We don't have a TV in our home! I mean we do have it but it's connected to the pc. Life is so much fun without TV. We both agreed it's going to waste our time instead of doing something different every single time. I f we want to watch a movie or sth, we just rent it:)
nice post...and drawings:)

The Mo said...

Couch batata lol it is also the samething with the time spent on the internet...
However, such a great decision by not getting a TV specially if you will be using the time in stuff that are more productive...
And it is so true, the TV made families lose its "bond"!!!

april said...

I completely understand what you mean. I don't have TV for 3 years already, and i am so much happier without it. I don't spend one second thinking about fictious characters and their lives anymore, nor wasting time on TV drama, and not to mention singers and their videos that only take you away from Allah. Instead, when i have few free minutes, i open a book and gain some knowledge that would truly benefit me and others around me.
You will quickly notice that you will think of Allah much more when there is no more TV in the house.

zee said...

Oh my god dina, this is hilarious wallah! Lol I can so see this happening. I will offer babysitting your kid whenever you and Ahmad would like to catch a movie, just for his safety :D

lovil waleh ya crea6ive enti

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

proud pali shaja3teeni wallah :) Cow has been watching way too much bold & the beautiful lately lol not healthy akeed

MQabbani internet.. that itself is another issue lol
i am used to blogging everyday and checking my mail.. dunno if i can manage without it :s

anonymous :P MBC4 hmmm i like the one more :P
but i think when there is a WILL there is a WAY

Allah bi3een :P

mala2e6 shiklo u saw the mal2a6 in the pic .. bteeji 3ala il seereh shikklik :P hehe ahlan wa sahlan im soo glad u like my cartoons :)

and abt fighting.. it is a common way of bonding..
hehe turath il bonding :P

mrs al ramahi :) thanks & yes i think we should all be very careflul what kids watch becuase there is no cencorship anymore :S

HAzel :) i didnt say anything abt isolation... life would be the exact same way.. only min ghier tv and if we really want to watch something ill get dvds or specific shows for the kids.. at least i would know what they arre watching.. i doubt ill have quiet kids though... hehe

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

jaz there can always still be a movie night without a tv :P there is the cinema.. and there is dvd options :) abt the whole bill gates theory... hmmm that is surely something to think abt

hey anonymous.. my spelling isnt that great either *hides hehe but you never know maybe someday someone will come across my blog and decide to make my cow & cartoons FAMOUS! ill keep you all posted

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

rasha :P hehe u like haifa.. ya3ooo :P
i dont and knowing she is shown on tv a whole lot is just giving me MORE reason to NOT get a tv

boos il wawa 2al! baaas-ha ird hiye wa hal ughnieyeh lol

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

anonymous.. im glad you like my blog and i will never get sick of hearing comments like that.. really im flattered that so many ppl actually like my blog :)

nido i totally agree *thumbs up for nido
*crowd cheers

the mo :) internet is like tv in some ways.. i guess we all have our addictions hehe

april you ar soo right.. i know i will read more and ill have more time for 3ibaddah :)

zeee beebti inti... iza ana crea66ive inti sho? yislam fometch yumma

ba77obek walkeey!! miss you awi

ArabLady said...

what if u want to watch Sayed Hassan Nassrallah's Speech? what are u going to do!

i dunno but i feel the TV is important...its up to the person as how he/she wanna use the technology..all the best anyways

Hala said...

I can never live without a TV :) But I think your cow wold keep you busy, especially with her latest drama loool.