Sunday, February 19, 2006


when i was in university and was takin a photo-journalism course.. i had to go to a juvenile jail and take images of any prisoner there... well.. anyway... it was a weird expereince i saw this guy who was in jail at teh age of 16... for something he did.. i didnt know what then.. neway.. i started makin him pose for me behind bars and with handcuffs .. u know the whole JAIL loook.. i went a couple of times.. took pics of this guy.. kind of thinking of it as an adventure.. until for one moment it hit me.. im in a jail.. takin pics of a dangerous man who has been kept away for the safety of the human race. so i ask the gaurd... " what is this kid in here for?" with a smile.. i expected somehting like " drugs" ... well... to my surprise... he was in for RAPE!!! AAAAAAAAH i have been takin photos of a RAPIST!!

anyway.... that was the last time i gave him a visit! hehe i mean what did i expect? argh?! silly me... ne way.. this got me thinking.. abt the idea of jail.. being imprisoned.. and does being behind necessarily be the only way a person can be imprisoneh? i say NO!

Sometimes we are imprisoned in our own homes.. by our parents.. by society.. by what is expected from us !

someimes ppl in jail feel more free than ppl living under the roof of thier house.. Freedom is not just physical freedom.. runing around in a prak enjoying the sun's rays reflecting on ur skin.. its deeper than that.. freedom is all in our head.. what is freedom to each an everyone of us?

Is it doing what u want? saying what u want? when u want to? hmmm is anyone 100% free?! i rememeber seeing the movie " Shawshank REdemption" and there was a part when one of the prisoners had to leave... after being in jail for soo long.. he couldnt survive in the real world and commited suicide.. (great movie by the way)

its like the concept of being surrounded by ppl yet u feel lonely.. being out in the open air and feel that u cant breathe.. being free to walk around and yet feel like ur trapped behing bars...

side note.. i do not in anyway encourage RApe or going to prison lol ok? heh


ass2006 said...

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SK said...

On a serious note .. I remember in high school being in the band class and we would do concerts around town every few weeks for different groups. Retirement homes for the stuff...Then one week we are told to change our iniforms a bit and the girls needed to wear pants instead of skirts..special concert. When we arrived at the local jail my blood went cold as our bus waited for the chain link gates to be opened up.
I was terrified. Could figure out where I had missed the part about playing a concert at the jail. We set up our stuff...all these guys wandered in..nothing between us and them in this little lunch room. Nothing like having all these guys looking at you as if you were thier next meal.

I can appreciate that they were all in there for different reasons, I know society is the blame for alot of stuff in every part of the world...but sticking a bunch of 15 years old girls in there, without so much as warning us...I tell you..there was a huge parent meeting the very next day with the school. Still gives me the shivers.
Probably because I like to play it safe all the time. I dont go looking for trouble. It was like being thrown to the wolves..though only in my head, since nothing happened.

There is a fine line though between the good and the bad. Sometimes just a matter of circumstance...wrong place at the wrong time..bad luck..poor judgment. I believe all people are essentailly good ...

Cool photo Dino....

mudassar said...

assallamu allaikum.. hey nice blog as usual. i sometimes feel that prision is just waste of time and waste of space. the concept of instant punishment should be implemented like KSA. (saudi) for two reasons. 1st u get instant result, 2nd reason is people will fear to do anything bad. example in so many countries punishment for rape is around 6 years even if he rapes 1 girl or 5 girls. again he will come out of the jail and rape another one. but if u give instant punishment like stone to death, thats it everyone will start fearing.

if a person makes a crime in my country it take so many months and years for his case to appear in the court..

jail is nothing but a feeding place for thugs and rapist and killers.. some people do crime wantedly to go to prision because thats the only place where u get 3 times food always without working..

mudassar said...

so many people dont agree to my point they say that the stone to death punishment for rape is too rude. they dont deserve so much bla bla... i just ask them 'wat will u do if ur sister or ur own mother is raped, wat will u do' the answer is 'kill the man' thats it.

dont u people agreee with me.. sk..? dino...?

mudassar said...

like i told u... punishment for rape is not big deal in todays world.. only 2 years jail..

i took this news from
Published: 02/20/2006 12:00 AM (UAE)

Four youths given 2-year jail term each for gang rape of Briton
By Bassam Za'za', Staff Reporter

Dubai: Four young UAE nationals have been jailed for luring a 23-year-old woman into their car, driving off to a remote area and raping her.

The Dubai Court of First Instance sentenced each of the four, identified as S.Z., 21, A.Z., K.S., both 20, and I.A., 19, to two years in jail. K.S. was given an additional month in prison for having liquor.

The four were also ordered to jointly pay the British victim, who works as a flight attendant, Dh10,001 in temporary compensation.

Two other suspects identified as A.H. and J.Z., both 21, were acquitted for insufficient evidence.

Police heard that the victim was enjoying a night out with friends at a hotel in Jumeirah. Later while she was waiting for a taxi she was harassed by a driver.

Then a man whom she believed 'to be decent' offered to drive her home on Shaikh Zayed Road.

The victim, who was a newcomer in town, accepted his offer and jumped into the back seat.

In her statement to the police, she said she could not remember the number of men inside the car. She soon realised the men were driving towards the outskirts of the city. When she confronted them, she was told that they were going to a party.

In her statement to the public prosecution, the woman said one of the men grabbed her by the neck and threatened to kill her.

When she realised she was going to be raped she claimed she had Aids, but that did not prevent them from gang raping her.

On the way back, the victim started screaming as soon as she saw a residential area. The men dropped her off near Al Mulla Plaza roundabout and fled.

The nationals denied they raped the woman and claimed they had consensual sex. The court disregarded their claims and convicted four of them while two others were acquitted over insufficient evidence.

The judge also ordered the four convicts to pay the court and lawyers' fees.

mudassar said...

may Allah protect our families from bad people..

mudassar said...

hey sk i think i will take some time to match ur rythm.. but i am sure i will cause i am a kind of a person who does not give up so soon.. some day i am gonna match ur frequencey and start counting with monkey and beans.. can we take elephant instead of monkey cause i really love elephant.. i think they look really cute :)

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

thanks a$$ heh feels weird sayin that... ill go with 2006... im flatterred1

Sk! u have a serious side *points at sk with SHOCK!

hehe but i agree with what u said...

Mudassar i never read those stories *eeek here in uae! * suddenly the feelin of safety is gone!

Dino decides to stop taking the back road shortcuts in the ally behind her house!

mudassar said...

hey i am sorry if was too open.. i feel comfortable to express myself in this blog.

may be u can carry a mask along with u.. MASK of jim carrey.. if u were a mash then what character u will become do u have any idea.. i am talking about the mask which comes in the move MASK of jim carrey and camerone diaz.. wow!! am i confusing u?

mudassar said...

sorry i meant if u wear a MASK then wat character will u become any idea? GOD !! wats wrong with my grammer

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

mudassar are u high? what have u been drinking? what do u mean u were too open? and lol @ mask... hmmmm i suggest u get back to ur medication

i wont be able to reply anymore for today im off to another job interview ... but today its one of my closest freinds interbiwing me so i guess im not stressed out :) wish me luck!!

and again i repeat... take ur medication! :P

mudassar said...

medication? wat medication? and I DONT DRINK !! i was jus trying to behave informal with u dino..

all the best for ur interview.. may Allah always be with u.. all the best and please come back soon cause u will have to give me treat for getting a new job :) inshallah u will get this job..

SK said...

Mudassar...of course you can be serious and say anything...I remember reading that article. It is shocking to hear no matter where it happens. picked a serious topic. Scanning my brain to think of something light hearted to say about it. Hard though. You have dug down to our serious sides. have serious sides ?

Time to get ready for work. Will someone else go in my place ? Going back to bed sounds too good.
It is an easy job, really...I kiss peoples arses all day trying to please their every whim. Ah, working with the general public. Is there any sweeter job ?

Good luck with your job interview Dino... my fingers are crossed for you...

mudassar said...

yes. someday we will have to look at the serious side. u may never kno wats gonna happen.

have a nice day sk. my job is almost going to over.. more one hour left. feeling very sleepy now cause i have a heavy lunch.. i wish i could sleep now but i cant my boss is sitting rite behind me and if he see's me sleeping he is gonna kick my butt from behind. lol.. hee hee hee.. how do u guys laugh.. anyways i will prefer lol.

SK said...

Dino...I think a thousand visitors could come here..and we would still be the only two making sence.
Does this thought not scare you?

We should get matching tatoos to commemorate our this is.... Oh, Oh, we could get that little monkey lemer thing from MadegasKar..what was his/her name..Maude or something. Such cute little eyes ...ooohhhhhh ! Now where to put the tatoo ...hmmm ?

Oh, right, I have to go to work. Work always spoils my fun. Pucker up baby..your public awaits !

Was that rude? What, me rude...what, who said that..oh, it was me..shhhht !
(I did that in my best King Julien / indian accent)
(I made myself laugh ..ha ha ha ha ha ha ha)

I'm going, I'm going...

SK said...

Mudassar...maybe the kick in the butt would help wake you up !

You sure do get sleepy at work .. must be all that sitting down.

I laugh like this :

evil laugh when I am bad...Bwahahahahaha !

very amused laugh ...LOL
extremely amused laugh ...LOOOOOOOL!

long drawn out laugh....ha ha ha ha ha ha

have a good day..lucky you, my day is just begining. Bo ho.

mudassar said...

ahh.. i think even hee hee sounds cute. but i have a small problem with my laughter when i start laughing its hard for me to control my laugh, one day in the funeral i dont for some reason i started laughing and i could'nt control it.

but i always smile at people in our prophet has said that "a smile is a charity" its like when u smile at a person its like giving charity to a poor person. so i always keep smiling at person.

i am feeling sleepy because the whole day i am in front of the computer creating a software for the inventory department and i am stuck with errors. i cant think.. if i eat so much my brain stops reacting.. my reflexes decreases upto 50%

mudassar said...

i just drank a cup of hot tea to keep myself awake for one hour.

mudassar said...

i am leaving home now.. good night dino sweet dreams..