Sunday, February 26, 2006

Time Fly$

i was sitting thinking to myself ( as usual).... yes i know i think too much... hehe ne way... so suddenly i realized im 24!!!
HOw DID I turn 24? i distinctly remmeber my 11th birthday... when i thought 24 was stilll THE FUTURE!

i am living the FUTURE! WEIRD !! i had soo many epxectations that i never reached... i thought by now id have my life figured out.. that i would stop being crazy... that id be serious and into politics and maybe GOLF or BINGO hehe

but NO... im the same... taller... yet the same... wiser.. i guess hehe but the same.. i worry that someday ill be like this old lady i took a pic of... and i would wonder HOW DID I turn 80!!!

for some reason i find it hard to believe old ppl were once young and lively.. except for many ...a couple of ppl an arabic singer ( sabah) and madonna who still act like teenagers.. i have to say madonna looks pretty good for her age... i want to see her turn 90 and coming out with her latest album.. heh

will i be one of those annoying old ladies who try to look young at the age of 80 ? Will i even reach the age 80?! And if i do will i be married? Will i emabarrass my kids by being silly infront of their friends?! hehe

i feel most ppl after a certain age try hard to go back to the old days... look at this old lady in the pic.. she was once a teenager! she once had crushes! she had a future to look forward to! she also had TEETH!! :S

i dont want to get old! and i dont want time to pass by this quickly without feeling i accomplished anything major! Guess this is life...

So....I NEED A PLAN and FAST! Time is running.. and i don't even know how much time i have left... pass me the kikat now .. i need a break from these depressing thoughts!! heh


sk said... are up late again,,,I can see you working on your site...!!
Go to bed !

sk said...

Well, maybe it isnt you...maybe there is a ghost working or something because the pictures are coming and going.

Oh great, I am losing my

you were up late though...bad girl. You will get bags under your eyes and sure to sleep until noon to get enough beauty rest..!!

sk said...

Time...yes, time. Well, they say the mind stays is just the body that ages.

Hardley reassuring...but whatever. I don't make the rules. I only break them..!

mudassar said...

assallamu allaikum everyone. how are you girls. wow looks liked i missed so much. hey i havent checked my email yet cause i can check only after 1.p.m. (company rule), though i was not feeling well last night i went to jumeira beach last night after dinner. after i had my dinner my friend asked me whether i would like to come to beach along with him(beach is the only place where i can never say no) so i told yes and we went. i love beach.

people say that time flies in dubai but for me time is going very slowly. i have been here for 2 months and i feel as if i am here from the past 2 years..

i wonder how time fly's here.

mudassar said...

well dino if u wanna stay young always then u will have to keep ur heart light. stop worrying about the future and u will have to eat more and more of chocolates.

i wonder why r u so scared of getting old.. in my case i am totally different. i am ready to die any moment. i am ready for anything. cause i have made my mind in such a way that i kno that nothing is permanent in this world, everyone is gonna die one day or the other, so why not today?

mudassar said...

hey dino. in ur previous post u said "i love analysing ppl and am usually right abt them...." so wat did u analaysed about me?

mudassar said...

hey i got ur email sky..

sk said...

Work day is over...and I just show up...yes, it is all about time again...

I have no problem about getting older. I live my life for today, I dont stress about anything. I do try to be logical though and make good decisions. BUt I dont know what my life will be in 6 months from now, or even I enjoy today and I never complain about it. Life is beautiful and there is so much to see and do.

I know I will never do it all...but I will sure try to experience as much as I can..and enjoy the little things along the way. It is all the little things that make up our life and give us our joy.

Time for tea ... then what will I do with my day you ask ?... no idea...

You have a great evening Mud. Enjoy it all... are quiet today. Oh, I forgot. You stayed up late and are still sleeping.

I'll check back later.......

mudassar said...

hey guys i am still in office..
got stuck with some work.. am i alone here? hello !! anybody out there

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

hey u guys... i need to finsih somethin up and ill be back with more thoughts and comments..

yes sk i stayed up late and woke up later hehe

brb in a while

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

hey SK!! hey MuD!! hehe i feel like im turing into a bat i only post at night ! more like at 5 am ! why am i awake? lol

so.... sk u caught me.. ehhe i need to fix my sleepin patterns... argh... i think too much... now i post my thoughts too much.. lol

mud yes i have analyzed u.. but u have to pay me 5 dhs per sentence hehe :P

im good at analyzing ppl i know it :P im too dead to write u the analysis now... i am off to bed... nity nite everyone..

see u!

side note:
MUd what r u doin alone in the company when everyone left? GO HOME! hehe