Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Suicid@l Thought$?!?!

Have u ever felt that you didnt fit in?! like you were a stranger in this world? Feared death yet longed for it soo much?? IS death really the answer? Some people who commit suicide think by doing that their horrible life is over... suicide is not the answer... See this life is meant to be crappy and full of disappointments.. the older you get the more nostalgia you feel towards the past... the more problems and shocks you will face...

Yet... i feel with all the disappointments and sad moments that we experience there is always those few moments that are engraved in ur memory that make it all ok.. those nice words that someone special said once.. the innocence of a child when it smiles at you unaware of what is to come later on... the sound of the waves hit the sea shore.. the smell of fresh roses.. the amazing taste of CHOCOLATE as it melts in ur mouth.. the good laugh u shared with friends...the amazing beauty of GOd's creations.. the way the clouds look like huge cotton candy in the sky...many more..

so maybe the bad outweighs the good.. but the few good moments make it all okay... and when im depressed or hurt i try to think of the positive things in life... maybe i lost a friend but at least i know i have good friends who care...and its not the end of the world... and there is always somethin to smile about :) like this COW who is totally convinced it's NEMO! hehe

Conclusion : $uicide is never the An$wer!

side note : I LOVE COWS!!


mudassar said...

assallamu allaikum dino and sk..
as per islam suicide is puishment. it is haram for a muslim to commit suicide. it is the most stupid thing people can ever do.

hey dino and sky wat is the main reason behind suicide, why do people will do it?

mudassar said...

hey dino r u from dubai? which part of dubai is ur abode? cause sometime back u told me that 'i wish i was in dubai'.... and i was wondering that u told me about ms vinelle at city centre magic planet. oh man! i am one confused cute guy :)

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

salamu 3alikum mudassar ( kayf halak?)
yes in islam its haram to commit suicide and we believe those who commit suicide will do so eternally.. imagine someone jumping off a building for the rest of eternity! cREEEPy!!!

hahha lool@ cute.. i like the modesty...

i am in sharjah.. its a long drive to dubai especially with the traffic! but i meant iw ish i lived right next to jumaira beach to admire natures beauty! :)

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

SK girlie! i sure do like SK way better than sky.. it go memories that come alone with it ehe

so how r u today?! i am so glad u enjoy posting here i hope i dont bore ur brains out! i feel stressed out that 2 ppl expect me to say somethin smart! hahah

*scratches head really hard that it bleeds!

eheh sooo.... whats up? mudassar yells " THE SKY"

SK looks around says " HUH? me? im here? as usual she was day dreaming and has no clue what we are talking abt .. smiles at us... mudassar shakes head from left to right.. dino continues munching on CHocoalte bar after blinkin at both sk and mUd for 2 minutes hehehe

im gonnna blog something new... hehe dunno what yet ..i guess ill let my fingers do the talking ehhe

SK said...

Oh man, dont blog something on my account. I am just here to exchange thoughts. You could write what you had for lunch and it would be just as touching i assure you. But I do enjoy your thoughts, absolutely.

I am sure Mud would agree. We are creating a little social life in cyber space.

I stayed is Sharjah when I was there. I had an apartment near the National Paint Roundabout. Doubt I will stay there again on next visit..it is a long drive into Dubai in traffic, your right. Cozy little neighborhood though. Alot of families.

Me too.. I like the cute comment from Mud!!...lol. How sweet..makes me want to pinch his cheeks. Tell us more about your qualities Mudassar.

Yeah, you know..I like SK more to! I dont know why that is. Has a different ring to it. Now I have more names...no problem. I have four given names...two nicknames ( sky and SK)....and a first name that can shortend or changed to three other versions of it....and it often is. At the office all three versions are used. Amazing I manage to answer to any of them..lol!!

So what is up you ask....???

Good question.

think , think, think....sk think.

I think there is a routine happening. Routine of work and home and work and home. Slight variations in between.I bought a toothbrush today..a travel pack one for work.....uummmmm....and...I...ummm....did I mention I bought a toothbrush ?...right, I guess I did. Anyway, it is blue, with a small tube of toothpaste and some dental floss...

Darn..good thing I dont have to make blog entries, you would all be passed out on your keyboards....lol.

Have a good evening. Talk at ya tomorrow...SK

sk said...

You sure do go to bed late...what time do you get up ?

mudassar said...

assallamu allaikum.. how r u girls..
something about me.. hmm... well i stay in al-karama(dubai) and my office is at sheik zayed road(dubai). i work here for a designer company.

its been only 2 months since i have come to dubai. so i dont kno much places, i hope dino will take me around to show me few places :) just kidding..

i have been to sharjah recently. my uncle stays there with his family so i oftenly visit that place.

mudassar said...

i did not mention my date of birth in the profile cause i dont like and belive in horoscope. well i will tell u girls when i was born.. i was born on 24th june 1980. in india.. i studied there and did my post graduation in computer application in university of madras. i worked there for 2 years and i am here working now as conmputer programmer..

thats all i can say about me.. if u want to kno more about me then u wil have to meet me in person :) just kidding.. there is not much to talk about me. i am just an ordinary guy in this extra ordinary world..

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

Mud! u need any graphic designers in ur designer company? i mean im looking for jobs arent i? i d spend the day bloggin from there hehe :P

Sk.. yes it does have a certain ring to it! i like it better! i was abt to buy a toothbrush yesterday i haevb a thing with tooth brushes.. i keep changin them sometimes weekly... i also have a thing with cleaning out my ears till i feel they are squeeky clean! hehe *dino senses obssessive compulsive disorder symptoms are starting to show!

hehe mayeb i have shared too much!

sk said...


No my dear, you shared just enough !!! ...lol !

My obcessions with personal hygene ( and I will spare you some details..like ear cleaning..lol)..definately extends to almost an obcessive tendancy towards brushing my teeth and washing my hands. I hear there is some disorder you can have with washing your hands too much...so I like keep an eye on that ( will seek professional help when I start using scouring pads on them). And they say if you brush your teeth too much, you can take the enamel right off. Well, we dont want that do we? ......No, we dont.

I am aqlso always cleanign under my finger nails. Keep the mshort..almost long enough to pass the ends of my fingers, but that is it. Imagine al lthe bacteria and sht that can accumulate under your nails.

Oh, oh, and I never touch a bathroom door in a public washroom.....I always grab my sleeve or shirt bottom and use it to push or open the door. Best is keeping the paper towel from drying your hands to do it and then tossing it..but I dont like to litter..so I only do that if there is a garbage can by the door.

And i never shake hands with someone who touches their nose alot

and, I wash my clothes in REALLY hot water ( to kill the bigs of course !)

and I carry a little bottle of that hand sanitizer stuff...always !

and in the shower I have a scrubby brush that I use all over me to take any little bumps off me. I dont know... there could be bumps you know !

and my ears..yeah, yeah..ditto.

Ok...more details on obscessive compulsive tendencies....your turn.

*hand hovers over delete button then stops..oh , crap ...*

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

WELL! i carry that same anti bacterial thingie in my purse wherever i GO it HAS TO BE THERE!

well i dont shake hands with men for islamic reasons... im uncomfortable shakin ppls hands when i feel they are not clean ppl!

i shower daily...sometimes more than once! i would die if i ever had bad B.O. i mean.. its like my nightmare to STINK!

i def took off the enamel off my teeth because i brush really hard so hard that my toothbrush bristles tend to bend!! hehe

i keep my nails short yet not too short to the point u cant clean under them.. short enough so that nothing gets stuck under there..
ofcourse that too i do for islamic reasons hehe..

i always use facial&body exfoilaters and moisturizers to avoid any clogs in the pores and to avoid future wrinkles hehe

im am a clean freak... yet my room is very messy.. explain that? hehe