Thursday, February 23, 2006

OuTT@ ConTrOL!!

Today was a long day.. not cause it was boring but cause i did so much.... i woke up early !! The day started out beautifully with RAIN! RAIN IN UAE!!

* Dino rubs eyes in disbelieF!

Well i didnt feel great about my shoes sinking in the muddy water puddles ! Other than that i love THE RAIN! Even the air is FRESHER! When it rains everyone runs inside or covers their heads with umbrellas, paper bags, newspapers or whatever is available! THAT is what people DO!! ME on the other hand love walking in the RAIN!! i usually am the only one who runs out when it rains.. i remmeber when i was a kid i used to open my mouth really wide and look up tryin to get as many raindrops in my mouth! hehe ( yes ppl then also thought i was a freak)

So... AFter running around in the rain.. i rememebered its thursday.. my fav day of the week because i have a group of kids who i teach every thursday morning... they are adorable and cute!!!

They say im the coolest teacher.. i guess its cause i let them play the whole time and never yell at them when they are not listening to me.. i need major disciplining courses... i try to be assertive and i end up looking at their cute faces smiling and laughin and all i can do is smile back or tell them " if u dont listen to me ill leave.. with a puppy face... sometimes it works ehe i too have irresistable puppy looks hehe

So.. today i expereinced something that kind of traumatized me me for the rest of the day.. my close friend has 4 adorable kids mashala..
Anyway i was standin on the side of the road waiting for her to get the car with 2 of her kids.. till one of her kids ran towards the STREET!! i felt soo SCARED!! and HELPLESS! i didnt know which kid to FOLLOW! i realized how much of a responsibility it is to have a kid!!! Sometimes they get OUTTA CONTROL and just dont listen!! i swear my heart was about to STOP seeing her run towards the street! i felt how vulnerable kids are.. how i dont think i can ever handle a 24 hour responsiblity of having my own kids!

YES I LOVE KIDS sooooo much.... but its because i love them soo much that i dont think i can emotionally be able to handle gettin my own! im too caring and i worry too much... even when they arent my kids... what if they where? id be PSYCHO MOM!

id probably have them on leashes! or have some sort of chips implanted in thier skin so that i know where they are all the time! hehe

So.. i spent the day with the cutest kids in the whole world... had home made pasta which tasted GREAT!! Watched a bit of TArZan ( cartoon) hehe then got a call for an interview... went well.. im thinking abt exploring my options b4 i make the decision... today was great... still thinkin of that moment i freaked out... Thank GOd nothin happened... but the thought of SOMETHING could of happened scared me to death... May God protect them and watch over them...

now i am pretty much exhausted im thinking of sleepin early tonite... *yawns * stretches.. hand hits table lamp.. lamp falls breaks into peices... erm ermmm thinks to self.. " why do i keep forgetting tall ppl have long arms too?" hehe


SK said...

Thursday , right, weekend for you guys. Today is my day off, but not weekend. I spent the morning out running errands with a friend that I dont see often. Kind of nice.

Helped a man push his truck out of the snow where it was stuck. Managed to get some kind of oil or fuel on my pants and coat..but I guess that goes with the job..I wasnt exactly dressed for manual labor.

Teaching kids sounds fun. I used to teach english to immigrant children ... well actually they were closer to teenagers. Alot of fun though. My group was three girls from India... they were really close friends and we had alot of fun with the work.I remember once we were laughing and somehow the staple gun in my hands went off and I managed to stick the staple almost right through my thumb......hardly surprising, but anyway. One of the girls really didnt like the sight of blood , kind of freaked out.


Have a good weekend you guys. If I managed to think of something interesting do do..I'll let you know!

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

twilight zone music.... SK... i not only stapled my fingers together by mistake i also swallowed a NAIL... i dont mean nail as in finger nail .. i mean nail.. the ones u use in the WALLS!

things like that seem to happen to me... i used to say why me.. and recently i have found out that the problem lies deep within hehe

wait i think i almost stapled my fingers together...but a guy in my class DID... but for sure i used super glue and glued my hand not only together but to a couple of things that were on my desk!!

I also drank mil that was expired for like a century by mistake...I threw a bowlin ball backwards trying to focus too hard to hit the pinS!! i bumped into more than one glass door that were too clean to be noticed... i bumped into more than one pole and usually trip on kids that i dont see due to my height...

i added baking soda instead of baking poweder in a cake max.. caused a major cake volcanic eruption...

i thought a turtle had a living room inside its shell...

i can go on forever... ehe

sk said...

ok....I once crazy glued my lips shut...

My mom had stuck a pin in the hole of the tube so it wouldnt dry out...and when I tried to open the tube i I tried pulling the pin out with my teeth...yup it worked...but then the glue squirted onto my mouth and instantly glued my lips together.
TA DA...*croud stands and cheers* !!!!

I once sewed all my fingers together with thread and a needle. didnt actually hurt or anything..just a kid trick to sew through first layer of skin..and I was a kid. Of course.

I used to eat dirt. My sister would collect money from neighborhood kids to watch me do it.

Short of wetting my pants or picking my nose in public ( also when I was a kid..of course)...I cant think of anything else....

there must be more...I am probably in

sk said...

So,I hesitate to ask.... when you swallow a nail.....where does it go ?

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

LOL@ u! i didnt glue my mouth shut but i did do the same thing with that super glue once it squirted in my mouth yet i was smart to try to keep my mouth open b4 it dries! eehe

In design we deal with a lot of design tools and glue!
In photography we delt with a lot of acids too!

So.. paint pretty much was always on my face,hands clothes.. pretty much everywhere...

i dont know if i mentioend this b4 but i used to eat sand as a kid.. not eat as in get a spoon and eat it as a main dish served with a side salad.. but yet i was like 3 and used to always lick the sand that would get in my mouth and i remmeber how i enjoyed the crunchiness! hehe

abt the nail... ermmm the doc said i had to wait a while and that it would eventually... hehe ok too much detail? let it go sk.. let it go.. * gives sk a bag of dirt to munch on hehe

i once jumped off a closet with a pillow in my stomache and a bed sheet on my back.. thnking i would fly like superman... apparently i couldnt.. i hit the side of the bed with a THUMP... OUCH..

when i was a kid i always used to fall and was caught doing stunts like lockin myself in a tiny closet ( which explain my clausterphoia now)

i also got hit by a speeding car...almost drowned... dived off a high place into shallow water bumped my head on ROCKS :S dived into a shallow pool many times too.. also bumped my head...

try to think of the many bumps her head has had lol

WAY too many.. i lost track,,, * twitches... this explains a lot... there is more sk,, u sure u want to know? haha

sk said...

AAAHHHH....I am tired. I don't want to go to work ! I have ten minutes until I have to get ready..time to drink my tea and prepare myself mentally.....dduuhhhhh ... are accident prone. No question. Tried to think of some other stuff but didnt come up with anything too shocking...

Got lost at a Rodeo once and my mom had to call the police to find me for fear I was kidnapped...wasnt..just wandering around ( age 10).

My parents owned a hotel when I was a young kid ( age 3)...I went up ont othe roof with another little kid and we wandered around up there...5 stories high...I take no responsibility, my brain wasn't formed yet.

I once got a bus to go to my swimming lessons downtown ( about 10km)..accidentally stuck all my bus money into the money bucket thingy (including money for return trip)...too shy to ask for my money so I ended up walking home afterwards.

when in high school I used to have to go through the train yard. Most mornings the trains would be just sitting there...too long to go I would duck under them and just hope they didnt start moving. Only one close call in four years....

Work awaits....have a good day...

sk said...

Personal note...the trains yards were in downtown Calgary, Alberta...I would walk from one side of the downtown center to the other to go to school.....(dont want some edge of town slum area to come to your mind when I say train

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

i was kidnapped once.. well almost.. a guy carried me down the stair case till i bit his hand and set myself free!! so that i have experienced..

getting lost... got lost many times as a kid... and well id lie if i said i dont get lost now.. i have no sense of direction whatsoever!! hehe

broke my arm once.. while i was running around with the neighbors kids... my bro kind of roller bladed over my arm.. and crack..

when i was 10 i decided to run away from home.. packed a chocolate and a toothbrush and i dunno what else.. to me that was my survival kit! anywa had them all in a cloth tied it lke they do in teh cartoons .. and stuck it on a broom stick.. didnt know where to go.. so i sat on the roof... till my mom found me.. and well.. lets just say...

NEVER AGAIN did i attempt to run away lol

i recently had my shoe heel stuck on the metal cover of a sewage in some fancy place in dubai... surprisngly my shoe didnt fall off.. nor did my heel..
yet the very heavy metal cover got stuck to my shoe...

i felt a heavy weight tagging along... then i looked down to find it there smiling right back at me... i was soo embarrassed. tried to handle the situation.. then some american guy helped me out... i wanted to die!!!

oh this is fun.. i have things like that happenin to me everday.. my friend thought i exaggerate or make things up..

up until they spend time with me.. they know the truth.. THINGS LIKE THIS ONLY HAPPEN TO ME.. or maybe my twini cyber friend SK hehe

sk said...

I once carried my little kitten in my shirit all day (wanted to be like a kangaroo mommy) and it ended up pooping in my shirt when I wouldnt let it out. I still have a scar on my neck where it scratched me to free itself. Like the poop wasn't enough.

I just finished work.. I dont think I mentioned that I work in a clinic. Deal with people....prepare them for tests, process files, bla ,bla..keep a frozen smile on my face all day while they complain about all their problems.

Sometimes I meet interesting people..sometimes they are just wierd or needy. I like it though..I enjoy observing different people and interacting with them.

I worked a 10 hour day without a break today. I went to the lunch room, unpacked my lunch..ate half of an organic banana ( because they taste better than the non organic bananas of course) and then got called back into the office because they were so busy. It happens alot. I dont actually mind. I never know what to do with a lunch hour anyway.

It is now the weekend for me. What to do..what to do..???

Relax I guess..sleep in and read alot.

Mud...we need some of your accident stories..or bad luck stories!

I will try to think of more....

mudassar said...

assallamu allaikum everyone. how are you girls. well i had a nice weekend alhemdullela. went to ajman last night for some stupid punjabi bhangra(music show), on my way to ajman i saw the sharjah roundabout and was searching with a tall girl with hihaj and a cute smile on her face :)

so sky how have u been. did i miss something? and dino my email id is, please send me ur cv(resume) and let me see what i can do for u. we have a creative department in our office inshallah if Allah will u will get job there.

well i had so many bad experience in my past. hey when i was a kid i use to eat walls, pencils, rubber, wood and paints. i am not joking both me and my sister use to eat til my mom use to scream at us. people tell that, they have never seen a naughty kid like me. on my 4th grade i broke my classmate hand. 5th grade i broke the head of my class teacher. oh God so many intresting things happened in my past.

i am so different from u people, i keep my self clean but not as much as u people keep urself clean. i use to been clean when i was young but later during my schooling i also joined indian airforce. i was in airforce for 2 years at that time i became rough. all the training they gave. i also went for camps, training for guns and amuniation. kind a became rough. at that time i did not even kno wat i was eating at camps.

i also won the best cadet award in airforce after all the strugle :)

i thought of becoming a pilot in airforce cause all that time they were giving ground training and technical training of aircrafts, but i could not become a pilot because i had to wear glasses and slowly i shifted my intrest towards computers. but i dont regrest about my past and me wearing glasses cause if i would have been a pilot i would'nt have come across a sweet friends like u and sky :)

my sister is married now and she has a small girl now.. sounds so cute, so my job back home was to give her training on how to become naughty.. i have a bad habit. do u girls wanna kno? ..... :) the bad habit is when ever i go to a marriage i gather all small kids and tell them and give them plans on how naughty they can be :) i love when kids r naughty.

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

lol@ mud! hmm ur not so clean ey? no wonder this blog has started to smell weird! hehe :P

so u too have eaten weird things in ur past... sk we are no alone! i remembering loving to peal the paint of the walls.. not eat it :S

i do add ketchup to everything i eat!! i love ketchup.. if somethin tastes bad .. add ketchup hehe

i had a bad shawerma last night.. i had a minor case of food poisoning... well im ok now...
*stomache growls

oh i rememeber enjoyin chewin on pencils haha yummy

sprinkles pieces of broken pencil on her pasta.. yumm perfection lol

have nice day mud!

Sk where are u today *sigh

mudassar said...

even i love ketchup dino. when ever i go to kfc eat so much ketchup. i guess i just dip the chicken in ketchup and eat. i love shawerma but more than labenese shawerma i love arabian shawerma cause it is crisp. so how was ur weekend? i am looking forward to see ur cv in my inbox..

mudassar said...

i am clean, i am always clean but wat i meant was i am not as clean as u girls.. u girls r too much :)

mudassar said...

hey sky it must be saturday night for u. i hope u r enjoying ur night.. have fun..

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

hey mud... ok fine ur clean.. and we a are squeeky clean.. ill send my cv as soon as i update it.. thanks.. what exactly is the company u work in ? is it good? hmm do u advice me to work there :P

h yes ketchup.. to me its.. ketchup with fries on the side.. im not really into fries and fast food... i dont mind an extra spicy twister everyonce in a while :P

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

oh an everyday to me is a weekend hehe im jobless! lol

mudassar said...

i work for GIORDANO.. its an garment company. for more details u can visit the website.. hey its been only two months since i have joined this company but i will try my best inshallah.. as i said we have a creative department so i think u might fit in.. i dont kno whether they r recruitting people now but i will make sure that i will forward ur resume to our hr manager inshallah

mudassar said...

i am not feeling well :( having some stomach problem and i think i am having slight fever.. stil in office.. missing my family :(

sk said...

Oh no..I slept in too late. I missed all the action Mud is finished work and Dino is probably off exfoliating....hehe.

Actually I wasn't sleeping, just couldnt drag myself out of bed to be active. But I am up now and considering my options for the day.

I have never eaten a wall...but I am thinking of painting one. My bathroom needs painting and I am thinking of painting it today. Will go take a closer look at it after breakfast.

Wierd things I used to eat ...???

I definately chewed on pencils. Often had little flakes of that orange paint on my mouth during classes....

I used to eat big chunks of butter from the fridge as a kid..drove my mom nuts.

I once picked up a piece of previously chewed gum and chewed it.....I was about 7 years old. Even I admit that was disgusting. Never did it again.

I do like ketchup...but I usually only eat it with fries. I also dip fries in mayonnaise..(it is a french thing).And I put alot of pepper and salt on them.I dont eat alot of greasy food/junk food..but I used to, and tons of it!
I liked chips, cheezies, pretzels, chocolate bars of all sorts...especially Mars bars and Coffee Crisp..and smarties and Crunchies. I now stick to occassional GOOD chocolate and REALLY sweet tea.

Yes, yes Mud !...that is was the arabian shawerma that I loved so much..crispy... Oohhhhhhhh!!!! Yum.

Well, that is interesting. An email address for Mud....(sk throws back her head and gives her best evil laugh...bwahahahaha!!!now we've got him Dino!!!). *stops laughing and shrugs shoulders*....okay, I guess I dont have a diabolical brain. Can't think of anything twisted to do with it. I am so Send wild and crazy ,slighly obscene pictures of some......snow?

(I couldnt be bad if I tried)

I will go start this day and see what it brings me in the form of entertainment....cross your fingers.

sk said...

Sorry you are not feeling well Mud.
If you have a fever it is probably not something you ate. You need some rest.

I miss my family sometimes as well. I dont have any family or close friends where I live. I only visit them once ever 2 years. Travel here in Canada is very expensive and I almost never get time off work. It is hardest in the begginng...but it does get easier in some ways.
It would actually cost about the same price for me to fly to Germany as it would for me to fly across Canada. It doesnt make alot of sence.
You just have to build up a system of friends (starting with us) and tell them how you feel. Good friends will understand.

mudassar said...

hey i am going home now.. i hope i recieve some email from u girls.. hey sky u have a nice weekend and dino u enjoy ur night..

goodnight to dino
good morning to sky

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

hey SK and Mud! haha its soo cool i always find ur comments here u highlight my day.. i know other ppl read this blog and prob fear posting any comments as if its strictly SK Dino and MUD!!

so all u ppl.. join this crazy chat!! hehe

share ur stories!! comments!! psychological problems!

sk i enjoy meeting all sors of ppl and i get along with pretty much anyone.. i love analysing ppl and am usually right abt them....

sk yes we have muds email now.. mu haha hevil laugh... *looks around
*scratches her head... so? what now? lol

Mud ill send u my cv soon im too lazy to update it :$ Hope u feel better! i was kind of sick myself yesterday.. had a bad shwerma hehe but now im fine.. mayeb u had shawerma too! but i still love shawerma... i made a song abt shawermas once hehe..

aww u miss ur family and i cant wait till i leave mine hehe jsut kidd.. but i would love to live alone!! not that id do anything.. just the idea of time with me myself and I! *sigh...

the only time i leave this house would be to my husbands house or to my grave * eeeek

see ya guys!

sk said...

Ok Mud... I sent an email to check out your address. Let me know if I made contact. Still unsure of the purpose..but that is okay ( like I have a purpose to what I do...duuhhh).

I guess I should give my address to Dino as well, though I like to meet here all together, we seem to be a cozy bunch.

Yeah, that would be cool to get a few more people in here...where did Nana go ? Hey, she said she would be back and boo hoo..she left us alone.

The only way you will move away from your family is to your husbands house or to your grave....????
Girl..lets hatch a plan for your escape !!!!!

*rubs hands together and imagines a very complicated and diabolical (second time usuing that word plan involving deep sea divers, a helicopter and a department store manequain to create a diversion....!!!!*

Or you could just meet a cool guy, get married and all that stuff.

But way sounds way cooler. And just imagine the stories you could tell about it !!

I went in a helicopter a couple of times. It was so cool. My mom had a friend who worked for a helicopter company and used to take me with them when they went on small trips around the Vancouver area. So, so, cool!

I have to go eat something. Made a tomatoe and zuchinni soup..will sprinkle some feta cheese on it and yummy..that will be dinner. I am kinda thinking about fries and ketchup though..darn you guys. You will make me fat or something !!!

have a great day while I sleep all rolled up in my big down-filled quilt. I will stop by around 4pm you rtime and see how you are doing.
Make it a good one !

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

hey!!! i was online when i got a window saying SK emailedi u... i smiled .. and i heard music in my head... hahahah ok cheesy moment....

im waitin for that chopper to arrive! dino packs bags and stand on building roof! heheh

well.. i might have given the wring impression abt my family... hahah yes they are not very open minded but they dont have me tied in chains lol

i guess i just want to be independant.. spend some time on my own!!

heheh well hey ketchup is not as bad as sharin pie recipies! haha i might try tha soon! im too lazy!

oh btw.. india? u secretly indian? no wonder u and mud got along soo well...

*feels left out... moves head from left to right.. wears sari.. trying to fit in... sings high notes...
glass breaks... crowd throws shoes and tomatoes at dino... once tomatoe hits her face... licks face.. yummm ketchup lol

ok i need to sleep... i might blog somethin hehe alway have somethin to say!! SOMEBOdy shut me UP! hehe

sk ill send u my email soon :) nity

sk said... I am not indian. I am the palest white you could imagine.

I am third generation Canadian ... all my grandparents were from the UK( though I have never been and I dont know anyone living there). I just have a small fascination with India. I grew up with alot of indian friends and still have a few. And yes, I do walk around with a sari(at home anyway). I have a cheap green one that I have almost worn out around the house...and an olive green silk one I got in Dubai that I never wear . Go figure. My head does not bobble right to left but I do a great indian accent !!! (and I make great indian food)!

india ended up in my email address because it was so hard to find an ID name with just sky..or sky blue...I threw india in there and it gave me an id...just the way it went at the time.

You dont have to give us your email address...we know where to find you. It is up to you...but not necessary. I plan to come here to talk anyway ...

And no, I hardly think you are trapped at your home. Just playing with can say what you want...I won't judge or panic unnecessarily. Tease though, yes, I might tease slightly for fun.

I had dinner and then headed out to go sliding at the park. They have a place to slide where they rent these big rubber innertubes and you slide down these hills (obviously snow covered)...and when you get to the bottom you come back up using this kind of lift that pulls you up. I went down about 12 or 15 times. Sure goes fast though..yikes.!!! My tube kept twisting so that I would go down backwards!! Kind of cool at night time as well. When Iwas tired of it I just sat i nthe tube at the top of the hill and looked over the town at all the lights. Kind of relaxing. Then when I couldnt feel my toes anymore I came seemed logical...uumm, yeah.

time for me to go to bed. A bit early but I am have a good day....