Saturday, February 04, 2006

KnowinG Your$elf !

ok its been a while since i posted here! i have been busy living my real life rather than my cyber life for a change! but the negative thing abt not being able to blog and let out my crazy thoughts that are continously going through my mind all day = brain overLOAD!! ok so ill start with one topic which is something i started to think abt recently... how ppl ask u ? WHO ARE U? or DO U KNOW HER/ Him? and that got me thinking do u really know anyone? do u really know urself?

what defines knowing someone? i feel all our lives we are getting to know ourselves... finding out what we like what we dont like.. what we are allergic too! realizing our psychological problems! our favorite foods! favorite music! its like those quizes we get abt GETTING TO KNOW URSELF! what UR STAR SIGN says abt ur personality... what ur NAME says abt ur personality! WHy do we read those things unless if we ourselves are searching for our SELVES!

So what defines who you are is what u believe in?what u like? what you do?what you look like?

soo what makes each one of us special and unique? what if someone doesnt believe in anything has no favorite meal hobby and is pretty much without interests or beliefs... so that makes him a nobody? ARE we what we believe in? ARE WE WHAT WE EAT? hehe that makes me a huge CHOCOLATE bar! eheh

ok... just my thoughts for today... i feel we will never be able to know even ourselves 100% and we will spend the rest of our lives trying to figure out who we are... i know my mom doenst know me althought she thinks she does... this is deepered than i thought...

so next time u say.. I KNOW THAT Girl next door... think again.. she might not even know HERSELF! Hehehe

i need to format my brain QUICK! ehhe


SK said...

Know ourselves is never truely possible, because we are always changing. Our environment changes, along with influences in our lives. And we change along with them.
Yes, our mothers think they know us...but they remember the people we were before all these influences swallowed us up. That is the base person with values and ideas...but the new you will always be changing.

Dino..I am in a Blue Funk. Maybe it is the dreary rainny, snowy crap falling from the sky...but man oh man, I've had better days.

I am still around though.Just wading through the days. Ever do that..struggle to remind yourself of all the great things in your life to push away all the negative?
I think I am definately a major happy person..but I guess all the crap can back up a hit you in the arse every once in a while.

Take care...SK

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

hey SK! i myself have been feeling pretty blue! not any blue.. not a light baby blue.. but more like a dark blue... its just some days u wake up and feeel like CRAP! no matter what happens... ITS CRAP CRAP CRAP! could it be female hormones going crazy?* wonders

naaaaaah i just simply feel like crap! hope u feel better now! but for me im pretty depwethed.. not depressed enough to commit suicide but moderately crappy...

did i mention the word CRAP way too many times? hmmm thats causei feel CRAPPY!! i feel like i fell in a pile of poop and just cant get up! and even if i do get up i will smell like poop! ok... too graphic... eww.... *jumps in tub full of detol and antibacterial fluids!

SK said...

Well, since you fell like crap, then I feel better. Something about sharing makes it better.

I dont know. Doubt it is hormones. I feel as though I switch everything into high super charged and deal with alot, alwaysin a positive way..and then WHAM !..down I go. Not as bad as all that sinceI do understand myself. I think it is all about balance. Most things in life are.

Whenever I see a SUPER HAPPY person..I think to myself...oh, look at that poor fool, no doubt a manic depresive.

Thank goodness for books. I am currently reading A Fine Balance by Rohinton Misry (I think I spelled that right). Very powerfull book, and throws my problems into perspective rather quickly.
Hey, how is the Davinci Code?

Good luck getting that poop !

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

so true the super happy ppl are the ones with the most psychological problems and intense depression phases lol im one of them.. im always super happy so if i ever do get depressed its INTENSE!!!!!

im better now.. but now quiet yet recovered fully from the crap mode...

SK said...

AH HA !...I knew it! *bwahaha..she's crazy!!!*

Dino..if at the ripe old age of 24 you are able to identify and understand ..and accept...your emotional tendencies, than you are just perfect.

I figure even if I am nuts (which is still subject to debate) doesnt matter because I knew it first before anyone else figured it out. So, ha ha.

I struggle a little more with people in my life that dont understand themselves. Always asking " why do I keep doing that"...or.." why am I always depressed" ?
For every action there is a reaction. There has to be.
Noone can be happy all the time...and trust me, I like to be happy all the is like, a mission. But if we dont accept the balance side of that, then we are fighting the inevitable.

My favorite "down time" activites involve me not getting out of bed, surrounding myself with pillows, snaks, books, and dark lighting. My mom suggests this is a "return to the womb" syndrom. I say...yeah, sure. It makes sence. Back to the old comfort zone before life became an issue.

So, I have been making chocolate ckaes this week. Not just one, but six chocolate cakes, one each day. And no box recipies, I only bake from scratch. So, What is the theory with Double chocolate and triple chocolate? My first cake was for a birthday and it was so chocolatey that the cake and icing were almost black ( i didnt measure any of the cocoa, I just dumped it in. Then the next day ( no cake left) I much cocoa did I put in that thing? SO, I make another. This one I follow the recipie and it comes out light brown,,icing as well. Well, carp. That's no good. So, I continue playing around each day this week ( and taking lots of cake to work), and I have decided if double , triple have any indication...that cake I made last sunday was quadrupal chocolate x 2. TOday is a friends, I am off to buy cocoa, and lots of it. It was a great cake. I have to repeate it!

Take care...SK

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