Tuesday, February 21, 2006

$orrY Ag@in!!!!!

sorry is a word i hear alot... unfortunately it has no use when is said after breakin my heart... who said its only men who break our hearts? i think what is deeper than the heartache for someone you love is the pain you feel when someone u truely cared about and trusted and felt was a true friend to you lets you down.. yes i said id be careful with who i trust.. but yes i was careful from the wrong people.. its those who u care abt who hurt u the most because u DONT expect them to...

i am typing this blog with a new fresh wound.. excuse my typos for my teary eyes wont allow me to see the screen properely... SOrry? what can it do for me now?? I feel like my heart shrunk in my chest..it suddenly wrinkled up.. its not that ive not been hurt b4.. its not that ive not been disappointed b4.. but its just that i really didnt expect it this time.. ouch

i feel utterly horrible... hurt and overwhelmed with heartache.. im not a weak person i know that .. but im gullible and sensitive and i wish i wasnt this way...

imagine someone who u considred was a friend to u for the longest time... someone who you truely care abt.. suddenly tells u that she no longer considers you as a friend.. that you sometimes you are FAKE!!!!! For no reason at alll... out of the blue.. u realize that this person who u thought was ur friend doesnt feel the same way... im not talking about someone who was just a social aquaintance.. im talkin abt someon who u had up soo high.. someone u felt was special and unlike the rest... that is what i call a MAJOR MAJOR OUCH.....

after all this i still am not mad at her.. or even hold anything against her.. all i feel is disappointed... and silly... mostly i feel hurt..

will i ever learn?? but she said one thing that i agree with... when somethin is broken it will never be the same.....

today i feel something major was broken.. my heart... and a friendship that i thought was true and hoped would last forever

call me anything but FAKe.. i am the most straightforward person you will ever meet! i say what i feel and i mean what i say!! If people have trouble believing im sincerely a goodhearted person who truely cares.... then that is their problem.. al hamdulilah ( thank GOD) for everything..... at least i know what i am... :(--

im heading to bed.. too much drama for today.. i hate crying..


SK said...

I just got home from work...did a 13 hour shift with a 30 minute break. I sat down once, my feet hurt..my heat is pounding from all the inane conversations I was obligated to have with strangers...
I came through the door to discover the food I had made myself lastnight for dinner has been eaten by someone else. No hotwater for a shower , so had a cold one.

So....I turned on the computer and made some tea. And suddenly Dino..I dont have any fatigue, or frustration or complaints,they melted away in your sorrow and pain, and tears. You have humbled me today.

I dont know what it is about a relationship with a woman that is different from a man. But we need them more. They are hard to find, hard to establish, but once they are there we trust them and clutch onto them with all our strength. Losing one is like losing a part of ourselves. And being betrayed is even harder.

You have to let the sadness wash over you.
You know who you are. And you are a good person. Trust that.

I dont work tomorrow...I will try to come by and cheer you up a bit.
For no I am going to bed. like you, I have had enough of this day. Tomorrow will definately be better.


mudassar said...

dino- hey i guess u r sounding very disturbed. i really hope ur day goes well today inshallah. i am not a girl so i cant figure out wats the exact feeling u r coming across but i am atleast matured enough to understand ur problem cause i am 25 years young guy :)

we have to live in the world for Allah. we have to always think about the life after we die. cause this is not the real world nothing is permanant here, everyone is gonna die one day or the other. we just have to stop regretting about the past the be happy thinking that wat ever Allah does for us is for our own good. There must be a good reason behind wat happened last night with u, u may never kno now may be in the future u would come to realize that..

u better wipe ur tears and treat ur self with a huge chocolate bar :)

by the way is the woman in the picture who is crying is u..?

mudassar said...

sk- i guess it will be night over there and by this time probably u would have hit ur bed.. jus wanted to say good night..

mudassar said...

hey girls check out the climate.. wow. its so beautifull today mashallah. its RAINING IN DUBAI !!

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

the woman in the pic is not me but my por friend who had to suffer while i took photos of her after i forced her to cry hehe or act like she is crying for my pics! hehe

but we kind of look alike and both have tiny flat noses! hehe

SK ur right.. there is somethin differernt abt the bond we have with a woman.. its like we have been hurt from men and expect and always seek comfort with the girlfriends that you kind of let your gaurd down... and that is when... OUCH...

thanks Sk u made me feel better.. there is no chocolate in the house!
sorry for the depression today :( i usually get over things like this quickly...

its raining here! is it cause i cried? hehe *trys to convince herself that her moods effect the weather.. i love rain i think ill go out for a walk..

i have to say the gloomy weather is cool!! *sigh

mudassar said...

i dont belive this u actually took a pic of ur friend while she is crying wow wat a creative mind u have.

please dont feel low. they r so many people who r concerned about u. tell ur friend not to cry, why dont u take to ur friend to the jumeirah beach. i think the beach wil look so beautifull in this climate.. i love that beace.. i was there till 1'0 clock last night

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

she wasnt really crying.. i made her act like she was.. heehee

yes im sure jumierah is amazing in this weather! wow i wish i was in dubai right now at the beach listening to the waves hit the shore...

i would lie if i said i am ok... im not.. i know there are alot of ppl who are concerned yes.. and i do have ppl who care abt me.. but it just hurts when someone u care abt hurts u like that..

its like someone shot u and then said oh SOrry i killed u!what is the use of the word sorry?! and well even if that person pulled the trigger by mistake and didnt mean to shoot a bullet through my heart! what are they doing pointing a LOADED GUN IN MY DIRECTION ANYWAY!!

i try to make excuses for why people act the way they do...when they rush to judge me and assume the worst abt me... im sick of this cycle... im sick of being me
wish i was DR. Evil!!

mudassar said...

u dont have to be dr.eveil u just have to be urself. hey wat do u mean u wish u were in dubai, i thought u were in dubai?

mudassar said...

i am sorry to hear that, but why would anyone hurt a sweet thing like u. r they crazy? they should probably thanking u for ur sweetness rather than trying to pull the trigger

mudassar said...

i wish i was ur friend.. i would'nt have made u cry. inshallah. dont get depressed dino ur cute smile means a lot to so many people..

mudassar said...

u kno wat dino to be frank with u. some times even i feel very low here. i feel so lonely here. though i have my cousin and friends here but still sometime i feel very lonely and i miss my family so much..

have u ever imagine wat a kid will do when u give him a slate and a chok piece. he jus scribles all over the slate trying to express something that is wat exactly happens to me when i type in ur comments. i jus scrible like a small kid in ur blog trying to express something but only few people can understand the message...

i am getting scared that i might start talking to the walls..

SK said...

You know, I was thinking about relationships this morning. I was looking at all my friends and other peoplethat I surround myself with, both men and women, and I think I see a trend.
I choose to be around people that need me..because I need to feel needed. I need to wrap myself in their problems and help them find solutions... I feel validated by that.
Men tend to keep their emotions tucked away. When they deal with each other they keep it light. Talk about sports, girls, work, cars...but women, we are only happy when we are digging deep into our emotional side and analysing it.
I am very happy to be a woman, and I love digging into my feelings and emotions. But, we risk being hurt by opening ourselves.
You know, women in general are not that nice. By nature we are very competative, even if we say we are not. Competative with each other.
Women or girls who will only be friends with other women who are less attractive than they are..less inteligent...etc. In order to make themselves feel/look better. They may not even realise it.
No unusual to have a girlfriend dump you becasue they are jelous of you in some way, and throw an insult in to knock you down a few notches.
It is not for nothing that we rule the world!

I dont know what exactly happened wit hyour friend...but it soundslike one of those times when time and reflection will heal it, not much else.

So let me think for a minute about something funny......in french we say... "change la mal de place"...(change the place you are hurting so you forget about the first injury)...kind of like stomping on yourfoot to make you forget your injured arm. I'll try to do it without injury though ...

SK said...

Ok Mudassar...help me think of a funny conversation for Dino to change her mind about this for a few minutes at least.....

Lets make the topic ... lima beans and turtles... I will write the first three lines of a story and then you continue it for three lines....see where it goes.


Once upon a time there was an angry little turtle named baboo. Baboo got up one morning, looked around for his breakfast and noticed it was gone. He was furious! He yelled at all the other turtles..."WHERE ARE MY LIMA BEANS !!!....I cooked them yesterday for my breakfast and now they are gone !!! which one of you little turtle brains ate my lima beans !!!!? I wieght almost half a monkey and I am the longest turtle here..measuring almost 16 jelly beans..so if you all want to live to see another day...cough up the limas or else !!!!!"

(feel free to add to story here...I gootta go..)


mudassar said...

okay dino i am not as good as sk but still i will try to continue that story and make u smile.. inshallah. there u go.. "part 2.. baboo says- who has taken my break fast then suddenly he hears a sweet voice saying that papa its me.. i have eaten ur breakfast, 'it was his own daughter who ate the breakfast.. baboo loved her daughter so much. after some years he thought that it is the rite time for her daughter to get marry. so he declares in the jungle that who ever jumps in the deadly pond with full of crocodile and deadly snakes and swim till the end and come out without getting hurt can marry my daughter..

it was a deadly competition so all the jungle was scared of doing such a stunt then wat happened one sweet little guy come to that town for the first time. suddenly he jumps into that pond and swims across the pond without getting hurt. so baboo gets so happy that there is finally a match of my girl. then he goes to the young man and says 'take my daughters hand, she is all urs now.. after hearing this the man says i dont need ur daughter. after hearing this all the jungle becomes suprised even babooo becomes curious.

then baboo says okay fine u take the whole jungle and my daughter' after hearing this the young guy says 'i dont need both of them. then after hearing this baboo gets totally frustuated and says 'tell me wat the hell do u want. 'the young guy says 'i want to kno who the **** pushed my from behind when i was standing near the pond

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

u guys u really cheered me up! first thing i did when i got back home was check my blog!

Sk ur totally right.. i feel girls are always compettive and like to be around girls who make them feel better abt themselves... i dunno y i never get jealous.. i mean yes sometiems ppl have things i want.. but i know its God's will and me being jealous of something someone else has is kind of being ungrateful for the things i do have... no one is perfect.. and i personally don't feel those girlie feelings of jealousy... (expect if i get married and my husband hits on a hot chic) maybe hehe

its impossible to be friends with ppl who are jealous of u... its annoying too.. i had a friend once who used to copy everything i did.. even buy the exact same clothes..it got reallly annoying!

Btw usually girls are fine unless if a guy gets involved in the story! they turn UGLY! hehe MEN pshhhhhhht *rolls eyes heeh

i hate how some girls forget their friends when there is a man in the picture! Or those girls who act totally different infront of Guys!

argh! annoying.... i have to say im not like the typical girlie girl! i dont liek shopping for hours.. i like to go get the first thing i like and leave.. i dont like gossiping abt ppls lives.. its islamically wrong too ofcourse.. i dont care abt gucci purses or all that stuff.. i dont sit for hours applying makeup b4 i leave the house.. i dont nag... hmmm but i do tend to get emotional and am very in touch with my innermost deepest feeings..

Mudaassar thanks for the baboo story haha poor guy as pushed in the pond! oo i love making up stories! im like the best story teller! i shall make one baboo story for u someday!

thakns for all u said guys! u really cheered me up and made my day! i had a huge chocolate icecream scoop with extra fudge today i also had a walk on the beach! SAw the most adorable kids and saw " charlie and the chocolate factory" .. today was great.. got my mind off a lot of things...

side note : i want to live in a chocolate FACTORY!!!! hehe

SK said...

*stands with applause for Mudassar* !!!!

Yeah man, you did it! You finished the story and it was extra funny !!!!

for that I give you all my laughs :
and the best one ...bwahahahaha!!!
good job , that was great!

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

SK ur here! *hugs sk till she out of breath! finally ur online when i am! how r u?! how was work today?! tired? any hot water today?! *dino trys to tell sk in a nice way that she needs to take a shower!!


Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

Sk... how come u dont have a blog of ur own?! i think ur blog would be the coolest! ( but if ur blog will take u away from posting here i suggest u just post here instead)

hehe btw i feel sorry for the ppl who attempt to read my blog.. its like too long!! hehe too much craziness!

i type really fast which is why i type a lot! i dont look at the keyboard when i type! i guess its skills i have gained after chatting for many years lol

SK said...

Dino..good girl for going out and changing your mind.

I saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (and bought it..dont ask). I just have a thing for Johnny Depp. Wierd to see him with dentures, but he did a great job in that.
Ever see johnny Depp in the Pirates of the Carrabean?....so cool. Sequal coming out this summer.

Having a quiet day here. It is snowing lightly. Reading a book, having some tea..and not thinking too much.

Maybe we need to start another story ... you start it Dino..

SK said...


No, I didnt work today. I stayed home..had a hot shower (thankyou for your concern..lol). I work tomorrow.
Kind of bored actually.

SK said...

My own blog.
No thanks. Kind of sounds like work (yikes..me, make an effort??). And then someone might expect me to say something intelligent or thoughtful. They could be waiting a long time man.

I will just come here and drop my emotional baggage when I get the chance. Kind of becoming a daily thing...therapy ..haha.

I type without looking ( hense the many errors) but I dont chat alot...I just had to take a couple of years of word processing in school...for what purpose I have no idea. Oh, I guess for this..duhh.

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

ok! hehe i loved his acting in pirates of teh carribian! he was playign a weird role in this movie! first time i see him this way! hes a great actor! i love his acting.. him and tom hanks, edward nortan and mel gibson are my fav male actors.. fav femlaes meg ryan julia roberts.. few more .. brain went blank..

so lets start a story...

Scene * dubai soouq

Baboo has decided to go fishin with his son Raju.. they hardly ever bond which is why fishin is the only way for them to hang out and talk to each other...

Baboo hooks a worm into the hook and says to raju " son.. dis is a a vorm for da fishies" shakes head from left to right.. raju does teh same movement with his head..

hours passed .. suddenly the he felt somethin pullin the bait.. he smiled at raju showing off that he finally CAUGHT A FISH! after a struggle with the hook... flys out a shoe that SK has thrown in the river ages ago...

raju sighs and says " dad i think ur bait is stictly for shoes not FISH lets try hookin a shoe and seeing what happens next time"

BABoo is mad.. he is furious.. takes sk's wet shoe throws it at raju.. RAju runs...

(mudassar im not makin fun of indians hehe do uhave an accent? do u move ur head from left to right to say yes?) hehe please dont get offended im being silly.. i have indian friends we make jokes like this all the time together

sky said...

Since we are CIBER MATES..I have to admit something...
when I first wrote sk..I meant to write sky, but missed the y.

Sky is a nickname my mother gave me when I was small. I used to lay on the ground and just stare up at it. You know, the cloud watching phase...why is the sky blue.. how do birds stay up there...and for crying out loud , how do planes stay up there ??...etc. The name stuck beacuse she liked it.

So, since you are a friend ( and I will include Mudassar)...you can call me Sky.

So what does Dino come from...?

sky said...

...Raju runs, but not fast enough..WHAM !! shoes gets him on the back of the head. Meanwhile..Baboo is rethinking his approach...really wnats to eat fish for dinner tonight. He reaches into Raju's lunchbox and pulls out some jelly worms. Hahaha, this should do the trick . I bet I can catch an amazing fish with this worm.

Raju stands in amazement as Baboo throws the line out and almost instantly Babbo is struggling to hold onto the fishing rod!

Raju is yelling..wow ...wow !! Hold on !..hold on....after an hour of struggling and fighting to pull the fish in...Baboo and Raju together give one final pull on the fishing rod and WWWWOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH!!!....pull in the BIGGEST candy jelly fish you have every seen.

sky said...

i like candy.....*said in her best indian accent and bobbling head...*

*i also like indian men..wink..blush..*

sky said...

Oh, sorry...finish the story...

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

baboo and raju together carry the huge candy fish home to surprise Chandra.. who opens the door with a smile! then screams

raju is already munchin on the fish.. Baboo glares at raju... Raju stops and is left with slimy candy around his mouth...

Chandra gives raju a death look that means " GO WASH OFF UR FACE NOW"

RAju Runs again..

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

sk are u hittin on mudassar lol

oh im so used to sk i cant call u sky! but im glad u let me in ur secret!! hhee im flattered!

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

i guess we will leave raju runing till the next episode im gonna go to sleep now... nity Sk... *yawns

looking forward to ur posts.. its ur turn again to continues the story... take care.. mudassar will sure have somethin to read 2moro at work lol ENJOY MUD <-- new nick

mudassar said...

assallamu allaikum. dino and sky hey this is a sweet suprise to me. i am glad that u girls liked my story. well i dont nod my head left and right but i nod my head up and down when i say 'yes' :)

the first thing i did when i came to office was i checked this blog. hey sky i think ur start was very good for the story... okay dino here u go..

part4... the adventures of raju..

Raju keeps running and running but he could'nt run much cause he was a little kid, so his dad finally caught him and started to yell at him, so raju said to his dad 'i am gonna ask u some questions, if you could answer them correctly then i will be a good boy and listen to all the things u tell me or else i will go back home and u should stop yelling at me forever. after a moment his dad said okay ask me wat u wanted to ask,

so the little raju started asking
1. how will u keep an elephant inside a refrigrator(Fridge)?
his dad could'nt reply..
raju ans was: open the door of fridge and keep it inside..

2. question raju asked his dad was 'how will u keep the camel inside the fridge'?
hi dad answered 'u will have to open the door of the fridge and keep it inside.
Raju said: NO
ans was. open the fridge take the elephant out and then keep the camel inside..
hee hee.. i kno dino, sky and u r gonna kick me someday :)

okay 3 question was..
if there was a meeting in a jungle then which animal will not attend the meeting...
his dad became confused. he started thinking and he gave up as usual..
then raju said ans: its CAMEL cause it is inside the fridge..

okay girls i seriously think that u r gonna kill me..

okay girls i better start doing my office work or else my boss will keep me inside fridge :) hee hee..

hey dino and sk have a great day..

mudassar said...

have a great day dino and sky

SK said...

ok, ok ... you can keep sk.
I knew it was going to be wierd to change ...even sounded strange to me at that point (??).

Me? Hitting on Mud? If he can do that bobbly head thing with a genuine indian accent!...well, how could I resist?

Now is that Mud the nickname..? I like it(and of course he has no choice)..hehe

I had to go to work last night for a seminar..got back late and am up early to go again. I am running late and what do i do..I come here..lol !

A possible ending for story ( quick version)...Baboo says..ok, enough of that crap, I'm your Dad and that riddle was pathetic ( no offence Mud)...so wipe that candy slime off your face, do as I say , appologise to your poor mother or else I will throw you in that pond on the other side of town with those crocodiles and deadly snakes!

Moral to this story?...probably not..lol

Start another, start another...!

I have to go ...have a great day !

mudassar said...

i kno that riddle was pathetic.. hey me wanna tell the moral of the story. it is "raju bangaya gentlemen" hee hee.. it mean 'raju became a gentlemen'

mudassar said...

sky- u have a nice day. enjoy ur work.
dino- u have a nice night. enjoy ur sleep.

mudassar said...

sky- r u working or r u studying?

SK said...

Mud...I am working....