Saturday, January 01, 2011

My New Years Resolutions

First of all let me wish you all a happy new year! Its 2011 already! i just got the hang of writing 2010 !i look back at 2009 and all i can think of is my lulu. she was born and pretty much i feel all the years after will always revolve around her. Now that its a new year I think of all the things i wanted to do and how every year i have hopes the by the next year i will reach my previous years goals! And well... truth is that "TO DO LIST" just seems to be getting longer and longer and by the end of each year i look at that list and i think the same list can be called "DEPRESS YOURSELF" list. i look at all the things i DID NOT do. The things i did not achieve. but well. there is always hope for next year right? 

So here are 10 my new years resolutions :

1. I want to focus on a goal and work on achieving it instead of thinking of so many ideas and starting with them and never taking them to the next level. Maybe i will finally focus on designing and publishing my own book.

2. Learn how to animate better animations and publishing them on youtube.

3. I will workout at least 2-3 times a week. even if its from home. because i feel like the pillsbury dough boy! Mujarad 3ajeen no muscles! *waves arm in the arm and sees the jiggly kalabeez flag *faints

4. I will potty train LULU. Take away the PACIFIER & also start letting her sleep in her in her own room. PRAY FOR ME.

5. I will have more realistic goals and dreams! yes i have to accept that i might never save a whale or be a superhero :S

6. I will not talk about what does not concern me no matter how tempting it is.

7. I will never try to change lulus diaper while she is standing up! Also when i do put her diaper on make sure its closed really tightly incase if it falls off when she is running in public :S! wait wait.. POTTY TRAIN LULU ! NO MORE DIAPERS.. *dino nods in fear

8. I will try to teach lulu more useful words other than "kahkah" " tatooz" (_/_) 

9. I will get a maid inshala this year and then i will give her a big bear hug when she arrives.

10. I will to think before i talk, blog, facebook or tweet. :Poh and i will always check the laundry basket for any electornic devices before putting the clothes in the luandry. wouldnt want to wash my husbands phone again :S that also applies to the dryer :S

and here is the new years theme video! i will never get sick of this guy hahahha that is the attitude we should all have this new year!


Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

Happy 2011 :)

yr "10" is/are hard! Best of luck

#3: start slowly or else u will get bored !

#4: potty train + sleeping in own room ==> good luck in that! We had a tuff time with our daughter ...

#8 a maid! hmmm , y?

Dino$ said...

mashala ur daughter is so cute and well if i ever consider having a second child i want a maid to help out with the house so i can focus on the kids i cant do both its just too hard even with one!

Allah ykhaleelkom ur little cutie :)

Whisper said...

Happy new year to u and to ur sweet family

Inshallah u will achieve all ur goals before the end of 2011

Dino$ said...

thank u whisper I wish you the same :)

Anonymous said...

6. I will not talk about what does not concern me no matter how tempting it is."

yea you better..

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

thx a lot :)
yr daughter is a cuty too! Allah y7meeha

to me -this is me only- a maid is a no no! No matter what ..

r u a working mom ?

Anonymous said...

why do you always wear sunglasses ? , is it because you're cool ,lol ..willa 3ashan
te7mee 3enekee ?


Sniper said...

Good luck Dino on 9 of ur resolutions, especially number 2 ;)
Thank u Haitham! It feels good inno it's not only me who is swimming against the flow.. Despite mashakelhom that r endless, having domestic housemaids is completely inhuman to me, at least in the Arab world. I cannot accept the idea of having a human serving me 24h for 1,000 dirhams no matter how good I treat them.. I feel sick when I see the ads in local papers where they advertise for those poor maids as if they are products, they even offer 1 year guaranty.. mesh na2es ella el user manual!! u can see these ads on the same page along with pest control materials...
My advice to all mothers who need help: There r many cleaning companies out there.. Pick one and sign a contract!

Dino$ said...

anonymous is that a threat * biting fingernails :P

haitham.. i was totally against the idea of having a maid. and the idea of having some stranger live with you in the same house and trusting her with your kids is something i never thought i would consider. But after being a mom and experiencing how hard it is to be a mother without help i realized that if i dont get any help when there are 2 kids i will go crazy because i dont have have family that live close to help and one baby and i went crazy and was hardly able to manage.

If i dont get a maid and focused on raising my kids i will be neglecting my house and husband because i will not be able to maintain the house being clean and have anytime what so ever to cook or even see spend anytime with my husband as i will be running around the kids all day. i speak from my experience of ONE naughty girl. so when i imagine 2 or 3 of her i just know i need help. its still a thought and maybe if i put her in nursery school i will be able to manage more than one kid.

And why is it always the MEN saying No to maids when its the woman who is suffering. Will the man wakeup for night feedings? Will he cook? will he change 10 diapers a day? No he has WORK and when he is home he needs someone to take care of him so well pretty much adding more responsibilities and stress on the mother who will eventually have a nervous breakdown.

i dunno i believe its sometimes necessary to get help if you want to remain sane.

Dino$ said...

Sniper & Sheeshany I am not a working mom. although motherhood is harder than any job i have ever had. i work from home as a freelance graphic designer if i get work that is :S

So you suggest the cleaning companies?! well i have tried those and they charged 40dhs per hour. and well lets say she cleans the house and it take her 4 hours. with ur experience with kids do u believ the house will no longer need cleaning? or will ur kids suddenly decide to make mess after mess and its as if she never came in the first place. So what i am saying a cleaner coming once or 2wice a week is not enough help. and its too costly.

When u say you are against having a maid work for you for 24 hours for 1000 dhs. first of all you do know that all depends on the place she is working. 24 hrs? come on. most of the time the maid is done cleaning in 2 hours and is bored for the rest of the day. U are not paying just 1000 DHS , she is living with you in the same standard of living you live. she eats your food, all her clothes and anything she needs is provided by you. And ofcourse she will be doing out with you and maybe have day off.

Believe it or not in some cases the maids are with families for years that they dont even want to go back. the feel they r with family now and they cant imagine going back home. My Aunt had maid that was with them even before my cousins weer born and she stayed with them for over 20 years. My uncles maid has been with them over 30 years and now is old and living with them and they got her a maid to help her out in the house because she is too old for housework. she is family now. its not always the case but what i am saying is.. sometimes its not as bad as you think. and yes i know there are scary stories out there but there are always the happy stories.

And about the ads putting their ads next to pest control and treating them as if they were objects and not humans i am against that as well. If i ever do get a maid i will treat her like she is one of the family. and again stil ma jebtesh maid i am still considering... not a final decision i too am having not only second but thrd and fourth thoughts.. inshala khier

Sniper said...

Dino u lived in the west, out of 10, how many mothers did u meet who have a maid? Why? Most of them r working mothers who either pay for day care or babysitters per hour to take care of their kids.. They pay a lot because they r paying what these ppl really deserve.. It's not true that MEN r against maids cuz they don't feed their kids at night, I'm a man but I'm not blind, marriage is all about SHARING, I don't come back from work and expect my wife to just take care of me, I help with everything I can...

From my experience I can tell u that the mess kids do never ends, not even with 10 maids!! All u need to do is keeping them the play room w let them ykasro el denya lol

I heard a lot of "when I have the second child" mmmmm....

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

Enjoyed the discussion :)

Being a parent is the hardest job on Earth! A mom is double that even!

It`s understood that helping around the house is a good idea while raising the kids and so forth.
it`s just a matter of "where to draw a line" cause after some time we tend to "enjoy" the leaisure in all of its aspects, and that`s not a wrong thing, not at all. Just if there`s a room for it, it might get enlarged and by passes some fundmental aspects (as raising the children)
Am I making any sense here :) , prbbly not :)

* As a father it`s not fair to judge though, I agree to that. :)
I do always help around the house but it`s nothing compared to what my wife does, and I blv this IS the case in each household :)

Dino$ said...

sniper and sheeshany ana katabt new post about this subject. and sheeshany de3et in ur last comment! hat r u talking abt bil thabt? fundamentals of what getting lost in leisure of all its aspects? huh? meen lesh? eish fe?

Anonymous said...

@ Sniper- you asked how many mothers in the west (out of 10) have househelp.
Let me ask you this: how many mothers in the west (out of 10) have successful, happy homes? Including a good relationship with their husbands, kids and running a clean home?
Or you can think of it in this way: how many mothers in the west are divorced? (US divorce rate ~%50)
Perhaps if they had some help at home, they would have more time to spend on themselves and their personal relationship with the husband, resulting in fewer broken homes.