Saturday, January 14, 2006

i ADore kids!!! today i went to see my friend who got married by the age of 16 or 17! she is my age now but with 4 little girlies! i feel weird sometimes because we might be the same age but she moved on the the family life... and im still the same... i dunno its not abt age its abt experiences... i adore kids.. but i fear that one day ill be the worst mother in the world! i cant be strict! im always too linient and cant see a kid cry! i worry that if i ever get married and have kids they will be those spoilt kids who everyone hateS!!

They will be those kids that jump on the furniture when u visit ppl's houses and are too loud and annoying!! the kids that everyone wants to destroy! hehe I HOPE NOT!!! ill get that super nanny to deal with the family crisis! hehe already im plannig to get super nanny! but being a mom is truely a responsibilty! i cant even take care of my stuff for me to take care of another LIFE! its just the idea of a human being depening on U! little helpless cute little thing! i feel no matter what is wrong with me.. how depressed i am! one look at a baby and everything is ok! HOW COULD PPL NOT LOVE BABIEs!!?

but babies are adorable!! SO CUTE ! no one loves them as much as i do!! they are soo cute with thier little tiny toes and fingers!! everything they do or say is cute! up until they hit the age of 10 that age we all wish we could of skipped... your teeth start to fall out.. you ask 1000 questions a second! your parents still chose your wardrobe so ur probably living in fashion SUICIDE! You think ur cool and in reality a couple of years later u will look back at your pics and BURN THEM! hehe

Childhood is what you spend the rest of your life getting oveR!! they say almost all psychological problems are developed at an early age!! i dont think ill ever forgive my mom for the things she made me wear!! Or for those glasses that were practically covering my whole FACE! i looked like the typical geek that u see in all cartoons or movies... big glasses... braces... bangs that cover my face!! somethin like this!

Glad those years are over now i just have to think of ways to get over the many psychological problems i have! hehe i seem to portray myself as a FREAK of NATURE! hehe i just finished frosting a lovely NUTELLA CAKE! YUMMMMMMM! a note to the ANGEL who created NUTellA... " I LOVE U!!! UR A GENIUS!" hahahaha its my sisters birthday today.. my birthday is coming up soon on the 23rd of JAN... ill be the big 24!!! i cant believe im gonna turn 24!!

i think this is the last year i will say my age... ask me next year and ill probably still be turning 24... and after 10 years maybe ill be 25! hehe im gettin old!! boo hooo!! gtg attak the CAKE!

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