Thursday, January 19, 2006

MAtter$ of Da HeArT!

ok lets talk abt love? what is love?! they say u get the same feelings of love when u eat chocolate! hmmm does love fade with time?! somethin to think about....IF Romeo and Juliet didnt die would they have gotten married and lived happily ever after or filed for a divorce a couple of years later?! All those sad love stories that end with someone dying.. if they ever did end up together... would they have been that much in love?!

Why is it that we all want what we cant have... i mean for example.. a guy would be soo nice and totally in love with u.. sees u as vision he never dared to dream.. (cheesy yes)... yet u fall for that guy who doesnt know u exist who passes by and doesnt look ur way.. sigh... why is it that we always go for ppl who are hard to get?? im generalizing here... but usually we go for those ppl who we feel we cant get or are uninterested.... its like a saying in arabic

" il mamnoo3 marghoob"... meaning... whats is forbidden is always what is desired ... i do admit sometimes when a guy overdoes it with the " ur too good to be true" talk its annoying.. its like that suffocating type of love!! something sweet every once in while is cute.. but when u keep sayin sweet things all day.. its not as special as it would be if someone said something they really meant..

i agree that woman are hard to figure out.. if a guy is mean we say.. oh he is a jerk! show off! ignores me !psssht *rolls eys ... if he is writing us poetry and sending us roses every day we think.. hmmm ok maybe he is too clingy" BE A MAN!" as pheobe from friends would say!hahah

women in general are more in touch with thier emotions and more emotional than men.. men seem to always be in another world.. we are never on the same page... yet we spend our lives tryin to figure out how to communicate... some fail miserably and resort to becoming GAY!! hmmm not a great solution though... *pukes

i guess even we dont know what we want...wonder how mel gibson knew in "What women want".. i guess its only if u like the guy that no matte how clingy he is .. ud still think its cute...

when the ONE comes along.. no matter how dorky he might look or matter how cliny he could get.. no matter what his is... love is blind.. and no glasses or lazic operation can make u see the flaws in the person u love... sometimes even his flaws are cute to u! *Sigh...

*violin plays in the background

but on a serious note.. i personally believe the only love that is true is when its dont the right way... Islam does not support any premarital relations...its pointless to get urself into a relationship that could or could not end in marraige.. mostly its a NOT... so why put urself through the trouble or heartache.. when the right guy comes along.. and he is truely serious abt you he would knock on your door rather than stalk u in malls tryin to give u his DIGITS or even ask to be your "boyfriend" till he is READY..

well... then God will definetly bless ur marraige and your love will last Por epper and eper and EPper :P (forever in a weird accent )


SK said...

I have a few theories on love..*evil smile, rolls eyes*

And I try not to be pesimistic, but it is alot of work. I think if you are good friends, and commited to the relationship, you will always be happy. Because you will want to see the other person always happy.

In the movie Mr and Mrs Smith, Jane says that there are no happy endings..happy endings are only stories that haven't finished yet. I liked that.
I guess in the end we just put it all together the best we can. Make our efforts and don't have fairly tale expectations. It really is about having a best friend.
I never did sit down and make up a list of things I would want to have in a man. Kind of wish I did. But then I would have had to start knocking stuff off that list. I take that back..I wanted tall. That was a priority, at least a tiny weeny bit taller than me.
I have a friend who is REALLY REALLY tall. I have never even asked her actualy height because at that point, it doesnt even matter anymore. I would guess close to 7ft tall. And her husband is just average height, a bit shorter than me I guess. It sure is something to see. *wince* I couldnt do it. One day I will have to ask her where she buys her clothes.

Did I have a point ... nope. lost it along the way. Darn.

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

its like me talking!! i had a huge list... and everyday i seem to be crossing out more and more off the list! because reality is catching up with me... apparenty there are not TALL,Funny,CUTE,Educated,Decent,Charming,Romantic,Understanding,WEalthy,Young,Fit,GOod-Looking,Smart,STRAIGHT YEt have a great sense of STYLE, CAring,Love Kids,Loves YOU, Adores YOU, Says the Right things at the right times! welll that is what i remember... now its like... ok..

i would love to look UP TO him LIterally look up! i would die if in my wedding he is slow dancing with my knees! since im tall i think looking UP is a bit too much.. so im thinking a tad bit taller is ok! but i gotta wear heals in the wedding! i aint wearing not freaking FLIP FLops!!

oh and btw my cousin is taller than me and married a guy who is shorter than i am! she used to always say she wanted to marry someone taller than her!!

eeeeeeek *prays... PLease God dont make me fall for some1 short!

btw that list u saw up there is down to.. Tall.. nice.. decent.. not scary lookinG! haha oh SENSE OF HUMOR is a MAJOR issue!!

since im a nuttcase! *does dorky face

SK said...

Ok, now we are playing some kind of tag with the comment sections...this will be my last for today. I am sure I have something else I am supposed to be doing. Right umm, anyway.

Oh gosh, I have never worn heals. I never even dreamed of it. Well, once I tried some on in a store. Not one where the sales clerk helps you, but one where you just grab your size off the shelf ( no point in drawing attention to myself). Toddered around for a few minutes and put them back.
Heel and sole thickness are always calculated carefully. I like the idea of a healthy stride, less the wiggle and shake.

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

another thing.. i talk too much and usually i start knowing or thinking i had a point and by the end im left with a blank face thinking.. and my POINT WAS?!


nice to meet u parallel MOI!

oh btw.. once i got a chocolate craving! and there was nothing in the house but that betty crocker chocolate CAKE MIX! i added water... no eggs... and ended up having lovely RAW CAKE chocolate mouselike pig out session! ID do it again! yummmmm hahah

*readers now know im A MAD WOMAN!i think things like this should be written in a diary someplace secret where no one can see and then someday u find it and BURN IT! not a public site hahah

SK said...

OMG, you are crazy. lol
I can't stop laughing.
By the way..nibbled a little corner of the baking chocolate..not good. kind of waxy and not very sweet.
Cake mix, hmmm....let me go see what I have.

SK said...

Oohh, and I make cookie dough..chocolate chip...skip the baking powder...and keep it in the freezer.
I have to go...trip to store for chocolate chips required.

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

haha yes tell me somethin i dont knoW! i never liked the taste of baking chocolate... but still its chocolate and i have to say id enjoy it if its the only thing i have available!

i gtg get some sleep! im really enjoying this! lol good luck satisfying ur chocolate craving!

yumm coookie dough! pls no more cravings! *cookie dough craving ON! HUNTING MODE ON! hehe later sk