Saturday, January 21, 2006

InTerNet AddicTion

INterNet ADDiCTioN

How Do u know you are addicted to the NET?! ill tell u how i know im HOOKED!!

well recently my dreams have a taken "post" form! i have started dreaming of posts and replys .. when i am sittin with a group of people and i need to go somewhere i say things like "BRB".. when i find somethin funny i get the urge to say !! i wake up and b4 i even think of doing anything i find myself checking my mail...
When i am asked where i live i say... ONLINE! when i think of the future i think of the future faster connection! my facial expression are now limited to strictly MSN SMILEY FACES!

when i finally do leave the computer at the end of the night more like in the next morning! i feel like i have abandoned a loved one!! i think im ADDICTED TO THE NET! HELP!

im tryin to cut down a bit .. *twitches... hears sound of modem connecting.... *RELieved SIGH

so i guess its not only CHOCOLATE im Addicted TO!!


SK said...

Right you are.
Too much time on the computer.
Actually I managed to cut it down. Yes, yes, very pleased with myself.
* with shaky hand, slowly initiates shut down mode on computer and wanders off to read a ... what are those called...books..right, off to read a book?*

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

haha btw yesterday i finally started reading "the Di vinci Code"
ive been wanting to for the longest time and after threats from many family members and friends... yesterday i started and i actually read one chapter...

*CROWD ROARS!!! hehe

SK said...

ooohh, I read that and just loved it !!!
You will enjoy it !

I am working on White Teeth by Zadie Smith...also very good.

After that I have Paradise by Tony Morrison on the go. Tried to tackle it once before but for some reason I got twisted around half way through. Probably because the story runs backwards and I had put it down for a week or two. Definately worth a second try though.

Ouch...suddend headacke coming on. Just had encounter with a box of after eights. Sugar rush. Darn. Was out shopping and missed lunch, grabbed these at the checkout as a last minute thought. Ate most of them in the car................I need water, FAST !!!
(When will I learn)?

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

WOW... i just had a twighlight zoney moment! thta part abt u skippin meals and havin chocolate instead! and IN THE CAR! hahaa

confession : dont like after eights :S forgive me.. ahaha im not a minty person.. mint is for toothpaste! hehe

white teeth is that really a book title or ur next goal? hehe im obssessed with white teeth! i mean the first thing i look at is a persons smile.. its such a turn off when u see someone hot and suddenly they smile and AAAH yelloW :S

And the answer to ur question is... NO ull never learn haha i never do..

SK said...

Funny, most people don't like mint chocolate. I kind of look at that as not having to share my stash ... (my evil side rubs hands together and smiles..hehehe).

White Teeth..actually a book.
But I do like a nice smile. I even priced out the tooth bleaching process one time. Kind of pricey and apparently takes a layer of enamel off your teeth. Maybe if I give up sugar I can risk that, but for now..... nope.