Saturday, January 21, 2006

L@zy Dino$

Have you ever just felt that somehow there is a certain force field in your house that sucks you in?! I sometimes feel like there is a hypnotic force that echos in my mind saying...
i hear that voice in my head every time i want to go out and usually im very obedient .. hug my pillows or cuddle on the couch like a perfect couch POTATOE!
im saying this and im not very proud! but its soo weird! WHEN i do leave the house .. its like i dont want to go back... i say things like
" im goin to wake up early and JOG tomorrow!!"
but as soon as im back home... its like.. im sucked in again.. and i get soo lazy!! ARGH!!
sometimes id be sitting on the couch for soo long that i worry someone might confuse me for part of the furniture and sit on me!!
i really do hope i get a job soon because if this cycle continues i sense major DEPRESSION!!
when my sister comes and starts giving me lectures and saying things like... " U BUMM!!"
how i have to stop being lazy i say things like... i do think too much!
Wish i could just format my brain!!!


SK said...

Hey that is cute. When I was a teenager I collected Garfield EVERYTHING. He was really poplular then. Teddy bears, books, pins, posters. When I think of all the money I spent on that stuff.Wow. lol
*scratches head and wonders what became of it all*

I recently started a new job. December was hard as I wondered how and when it would all come together. Now adjusting to new office, new coworkers, new schedule. Life seems to just keep going in cycles. UP then DOWN, then UP , then DOWN, then UP...(you get the picture). Just hang on and enjoy the ride.

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

I was the number one garfield FAN! maybe that is part of why im currently followin his "LAZY" footsteps.. or shall i say naps? hehe i used to have collect anything with garfield on it!

*smiles as she remembers
"wonder years" theme song plays in head.. song comes to a sudden hault when bad memories arise

ok... enough Dino$ *crys
*school days were not exactly the best days of my life!!

:)life is all abt ups and downs! my life seems to be more like a roller coaster...

im awake its 7 am!? REmind me why?
hehe ok pie pie for now

SK said...

IC..this just gets more and more intersting to me. Every time I come back I learn something new about you , that I understand completely and relate to. Everyone knew me as the worlds biggest Garfield fan. Bordered on obcessive and lasted for years.

I find that when I make an effort I can give whatever I am doing every ounce of my efforts. But when I am stopped, I am completely stopped, and need that goal out there to get going again. Most people are like that though. We all need purpose.

School days are my worst memories.On so many levels. In fact, I try to forget most of it.Just a difficult time finding our place maybe. Being judged so harshly for insignificant things. Even height being a mark against me. Funny though, we are still living our lives with these same people. And they haven't changed that much. On some level that struggle and feelings of insecurity will continue to be there. It is for us to become more mature and let it go. Remeber what is important to us, our values and principles. I could go on but I fear this might trigger some kind of relapse and serious therapy would be required...( crap , I would write LOL except I am not sure it's that funny. Now you know why people look back to their younger years to find the root of thier adult problems)

Why are you up at 7am? Who knows...go back to bed.