Tuesday, January 24, 2006

TRue H@ppinE$$


Inspired by my dear cyber me sk... i have been thinkin a lot about true happiness.. today for example was a happy day.. i spent my birthday with a close friend of mine.. we sat discussed many things abt life.. cracked up.. then i had chocolate cake!! yummmy! that to me was a happy day...

So it got me thinkin abt this feeling of happiness.. is it all in our minds? if i decide to be happy? will i succeed? its like there are days the littlest things get to me and i feel depressed! and other no matter whats going on i dont let anything affect my jolly goofy mood!

To some people happiness is about materialistic things.. about money.. being rich.. all about the "Bling Bling" themes in life.. so no matter how much money they have they always want more... and are always finding somethin to complain abt...

Once i saw this poor man who fixes shoes for a living sittin in the street.. seemed soo poor that he doesnt even have a place to stay... but i rememeber he sat there with the biggest smile on his face ! i felt like the silliest person on earth becuase i compared my troubles and worries to his.. i was speechless... he found his happiness in his faith in God...he seemed satisfied with his life and that is how he found his happiness...

On the other hand.. some people are simply psychotic! im not talking abt psychos like me .. i mean REAL psychos! People who watch the movie "fight club" and base thier lives on it.. who like the idea of physical pain! whether its inflicted on themselves or on others! emmm.. some ppl cut themselves sayin they feel a certain relief when they the blood.. other decide to be serial killers. In those cases its caused by intense psychological problems!i suggest THERAPY NOW
Lets not go into that... *Worries she will get those ppl mad and they will come after her..

Some ppl find happiness in food.. eating incessantly till they are obese and suffer from cholestrol and many other obesity consequences... Others find happiness getting drunk or high..

All that i think is just a temporary solution that gives the illusion of happiness.. ur happy as long as ur eating that yummy fatty burger..soon that happiness will be replaced with guilt and regret and intense depression... could lead to worse things like anorexia or bulimia... u end up munching on chips and chocolates.. binge eating ... then.. there is the after effect.. you feel that this is not what u want.. you want to lose weight but feel helpless.. again u resort to food for comfort...munching away your depression....only leads to more fat and more depression!

People who are addicted to herione or any type of drug also have that same cycle somehow... they feel a certain type of rush.. a state of mind that is more like as they would put it....
" outta this world duude" type of happiness when they take drugs or when they get drunk.. but ofcourse they is always the
this is temporary happiness.... right??

So... another thing that is common.. some ppl.. most ppl relate happiness to love.. and having a love life.. or being married.. having kids and a family... like if ur life is without love .. how can u be happy?! that i think is becuase of the mind pollution we see in movies and tv everyday.. evrything seems to be abt love.. a movie starts with a normal girl.. no love life.. sittin at home with her pet cat..someone the viewer can relate to!! ofcourse the movie ends with her being with her hot neighbor/co-worker/the CRUSH somehow...simply we are brain washed! :S come on .. ok it does happen but that doesnt mean anything.. u can still be single and happy!!

Others find happiness in doin things they like doing like art,poetry,singing,skiing.. anything they love doing... Others in their job they feel they are making a difference in the world... i think each and every person has different criteria in their mind .. when this criteria is met they reach thier happiness... look at ur list.. and realize that those things u relate to happiness are not what will make u happy.. happiness is in ur hands.. u can be happy if u want to! just make that decision!!! ( i should of studied psychology)!

i personally feel we often depress ourselves by having some goals in our head that we hoped for and are disappointed we didnt achieve yet.. things we wanted that we didnt get..
ppl we thought would make the "PERFECT" husband who said things like
" UR MY SISTER" or "IM GAY" hehe

life is full of disappointments.. and we dont always get what we want... and we dont always want what we get.. BUT its all in our head... i personally have learnt to appreciate what i have.. and i beleive strongly everthing happens for a reason.. the bad and the good..sometimes its hard to see it.. but eventually u know that its all for the best.. i have decided to be on HAppy mode and not to let anything get to me... its all in my mind.... its all in da membrane....

we shouldnt base our happiness on things that can easily go away or fade.. the first step to being happy is loving yourself for who you are..appreciate the little things in life..
even if ur a couple of pounds overweight/underweight... even if ur not what you wanted to be.. guess what?!
ITS OK!!!!
Its not the end the world!

Remember money gets spent, a man/woman can break your heart, good food makes you fat,drugs can kill you if not cholestrol does!!
Everything fades... everything but GOD... i find my true happiness in my faith... and i feel if you believe God is watching over you and that your part of a bigger plan God has planned for u... then.. ull find inner peace... and that to me is true happiness.. i wouldnt mind a hug bowl of chocolate too heehee

i shall end your torture now... singing * insaane in da membrane... insane in da brain

but i have to admit chocolate does add to my happiness!!! yummy!


True happiness is a choice YOU have to make. It is a state of being only you can create and to change your degree of happiness, change your expectations.
Its all in our HEAD!
speaking of head mine is about to explode from this happy talk!!


SK said...

LOL...you made me choke on a piece of muffin when I started reading this !!!
Like..a dedication!! *imagines major book signing deal..camera flashes, autographs...*

Seriously... I like it. I might have even found a sensitive issue in there that directly refers to me..one that I never thought of. I am throwing the idea around. One of those things you know is probably true, but you don't want to admit it ( hense my vaugue reference to the issue...)

"is this a secure line ?*

Good job.

Do I ask ... how tall is tall ?

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

haha years later dino is publishing book by the title
" True happiness"
Sk stalks her and asks for her share of the money....

dino looks at sk and says" do i know u?"

Sk is furious! pays snipper to get rid of this DINO hehe

or even a better scenario... places a poisoned swiss chocolate fountain on dino's doorstep... hmmm yummmmy...*dino cant resist.. is told its poisonious but still contnues haha lol sweet death

the answer to your question :

tall is when u dont look down to the person ur talkin to!

tall is when ur shoe size is above 40 (im a 41) hehe

tall is when u sleep and worry ur feet will stick out from the other end..

tall is when u wear heals and ppl start pointing at u!

tall is when ur mom says.." no need for a ladder! DINO come over her and get this for me"

my life story hahah anytime sk ur pretty much the only person who comments here.. its like i write for u... ur my inspiration *sings elton john song hehe ok i hate him... *pukes...

any more muffins left?
sil vous plez? hehe

SK said...

Yikes, from idol to psycotic killer ... I am talented and versatile.lol

My shoe size..42. Horray, I win. My feet are bigger than yours! Do you ever have trouble finding shoes ? I was out shopping last week for shoes and after about 8 stores, didnt manage to try on any shoes, they had none in my size. Unless you count them saying oh, I have THESE in your size and pull out some wackey outdated reject shoe that keep in a box under a table, dust it off and figure I am going to jump at it and thank them profusely.
I often end up with mens shoes. Well, there are alot of cool shoes for both men and women ( so dont laugh). Tried a pair off the shelf when I was out..kind of cool. Good for work. Sales clerk comes over and says.."umm, excuse me, those are mens shoes". I'm like...."dduuhhh". Like I am some kind of shoe crossdresser or something. I said, offer me some choice in womens shoes and I wont have to resort to this.

oohh, no muffins, sorry (blueberry by the way).

Yup, we have some kind of wierd chat thing going on here. Wonder if anyone actually reads our comments...lol

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

omg its like me talking!! haha the shoe scenario been there done that! its like i stopped bothering i always say b4 i start to look around.. show me where the big sizes ARE! then ofcourse all the nice shoes are barbie size!! depression! hehe i feel like big foot somedays! but wow ur a 42?! i sometimes get 42... depends on the shoe! so u didnt exactly beat me there!!

haha but that part abt them dusting off the box and gettin out thhe nastiest sad excuse for a shoe and sayin" here mam"!! ewww!
*pukes.. emm emmm i am not auditioning for the wizard of oz !!
nor am i the next ALI BABA! hehe

im startin to wear thos indian shoes.. flat comfy.. nice.. not the ones with the pointed tips.. normal plain.. some have beads.. nice.. *thumbs up...

i wonder if ppl read our comments! haha they probably think we are psychos! haha well i speak for myself :P hehe

but i always look forward to ur comments haha ur funny!

SK said...

Haha..still beat you...I wear a 42 but only because I have to..most of them dont fit well. Actually need a 43*gasp in horror*

Ooohh, I love those indian shoes. Not suited for our "arctic tundra" kind of climat..but I wear them around the house. Picked some up in Dubai at the market in Karama. Very plain. I love the beads..but I am a simple girl..less is more.Plus I wear jeans most of the time..could work in summer. Yup, I'm thinking it might work.

(personal note..just poured tea all over myself..sign back up for eating and drinking lessons) aarrggggg!

Hey, having fun writing to you as well. Always good for a laugh/smile.

How is job search ? Is it a tough market to find a job ?

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

lol @ drinkin and eating lessons! can i join? apparantly i have a habit of feeding my clothes with me when i eat.. sometimes even the furniture and the ppl around me! haha and thats when im normal( the closest thing to sanity).. when im nervous!! i get even more clumsy i usually aim for my mouth and end up splatterin food all over my face hahha ( ok that was *Sooo unprettty <-- sings TLC)

haha abt the job search... hmm i actually applied for a job and the boss travelled suddenly.. then i applied for another job and things got complicated too... so pretty much i believe in signs...

IM NOT MEANT TO WORK!! heh i guess ill apply to another company soon but its just maybe deep inside i like this "blubber" mode...


oh and i also believe less is more.. very simple.. i hate it when girls over do it with makeup especially!!

u come to dubai often? we need to go shoe shoppin together!! then we'll go for Chinese and CHOCOLATE Dessert... *droools

btw i forgot other ppl read this.. hahaha oppseeeeeee...

SK said...

Shoe shopping together ?
Lol..that would be an adventure. Add pants to that list. I am looking for a couple of nice pairs of pants for work. Have been to every store and found nothing.

Funny though, when i was in Dubai last summer, I looked and looked. Had a huge list of clothes to find (had brought almost nothing with me asuming of all places I could find a huge selection there) but all the stores were full of teeny, tiny itsy bitsy string clothes. Who actually wears that stuff? They need a new line of store..call them the Tall Conservative or something( kind of sounds like a political party).

I did find a few things at City Center Mall...A really nice pair of Guess pants..cream colored, extra long. Mega expensive but I ended up wearing them almost every day because I didnt come across anything else.
There was a small insident with them though..getting out of a cab...*cringe*... I caught the back pocket on something metal on the door, and ripped the back pocket almost completely off..huge rip exposing my unmentionables. Luckily had a shoulder bag that was long enough to extend to cover my butt. Actually took the pants in to a tailor in Karama the next day and was really surprised that he could fix them well enough that I kept wearing them.

Chinese food...oh, oh ,oh. I do love chinese food. I make a couple of key recipies that hold me over since I dont eat out often. ummm...chicken fried rice...stir fry chicken, sweet and sour chicken (i like chicken)...ginger beef (hot enough to make you cry like a baby))...and chow mein (chicken optional).

SK said...

I have a question about makeup.....

Obviously I live in a Western culture. Makeup is seen on a variety of people for a varitey of reasons. Most women wear very little or none at all. Usually just enough to give a little color..some spread it on thick and heavy, but that falls somewhere in the vanity/fashion area.

I was wondering... when an islamic woman uses large amounts of black eye liner..what is the significance ? Or is she just going for a certain look ?

My day off today...in major slug mode.

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

First of all LOL @ u! hahah yes i suffer when searching for pants/skirts that are long enough to go under my knees! ahha unless if im going for the peddle pusher look :S!

i started getting the material and tailoring skirts! i have like 8 skirts simple LONG and THEY FIT perfectly!! oh and abt the clothes collection! hmm is there a lack of cloth in the world? what is up with tube tops mini skirts or nothing at all?

And when i finally find a long nice conservative shirt! i look again and i realize it TRANSPARENT!

why has it become normal to wear the skimmpiest clothes? why is it that girls nowdays buy matching g-strings and always have to display their "unmentionables" to the world?!lol i dont want to sound like a GRanny... but this new generation is :S what is the word... hmmm toooo free??

i worry someday my daughter will be like " mom its ok everyone walks around topless!!"

u freaked me out with that guess pants story! because i myself once had an overall from guess.. expensive yet AMAZING.. wore like almost everyday i think till ppl started whispering " SHE doesnt have any clothes" hah it was soo comfy to wear! that was b4 hijjab days... hehe now i think my grungy style would clash with my hijjab..

but abt the tons of eye makeup ! I HATE THAT! AND it is WRONG! the whole point of hijjab is not to draw more attention to u.. and make up from an islamic perspective is a no no..so these women who apply like tons of eye makeup and sometimes only show their eyes which makes it more attractive for the man! are not following islam and again are giving the wrong impression!

i remmeber u said once that ur info abt islam is limited..

check this link i saw some questions that are very common asked answered here :)


SK said...

The new generation...yes , they take liberties. It is all trend stuff... like Britney Spears and other Western singers and entertainers. Young girls want to be like them, just like the boys want to be like the rappers. It is what the parents allow. Even here it is as offensive as it is in Dubai( and other places) ...our society tolerates it but it is a sensitive issue to many.
I should send you this picture I took, again in Lamcy Plaza ( same day as the cross dresser)....two groups of young girls in their teens...one group of girls together dressed in their hijjabs...the other group standing at an airbrush tatoo stand getting lower back tatoos ( western girls ) dressed in mini skirts, tube tops , etc. inching down (or up depending on how you look at it)their already mini skirts to make room for the tatoos. Man, even I was embarassed. I think they do this stuff with a kind of " I can do what I want to and you cant do anything about it" attitude.

Yeah, the women I saw with all the black eye makeup made me wonder. My understanding was that no makeup was the standard for an islamic woman. I will go check out that site.....thanks

Tailored clothes. What a wierd concept. It is definately not as cheap to do here....probably 10x more expensive. I should look at it though. Funny, never occured to me before.

SK said...

I hope you are well. Just wanted to say hello.

Hunt for shoes still continues into this week. Big party tomorrow night for grand opening at the office..and I have no shoes. I am such a grunge that this will be amusing. I am versatile though and wash up good...just need the darn shoes! Maybe I can just smile and laugh enough to distract everyone from looking down at me wearing my ducky slippers.

Take care ... SK

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

SK!! miss ya girlie!! i have been busy lately taking my cousin around dubai havent had the time to post! the other day i was wearing a pair of new indian shoes and by the end of the day of walkin around in malls! i was abt to take them off and run around barefoot! they were still not broken in and HURT LIKE HELL! by the time i got home i was limping and i have decided to wear flip flops for life! ehehe

the thing is when i got desperate in the mall i went into the nearest shoe place hopin i could buy a nice temporary replacement shoe! ofcouse he showed me to the dusty area with all the big UGLY SHOES! its soo sad.. i think the person who designs shoes for ppl over 40 is like blind or simple has no freaking TASTE! i chose to live with the pain rather than wear any pair of shoes i saw that day!! *pukes...

hope u find a nice pair of shoes and that u have fun in the BARTY

btw i said the same thing the other day in the mall abt the DUCKY SLIPPERS hahaha they are soo comfy!!! i was like do ppl really notice if ur barefoot?! but then i thought maybe they will when i am holding the shoes in my hand and limping :S ahaha

oh once.. :$ i had to get somethin from the car... left in a hurry.. then half way to the car i find ppl lookin at my feet and whispering comments to each other... to my surprise as well i was still wearing my fluffy slippers ( pink with little hearts on them) and i just kept going hahahaha guess i was too comfortable to CARE hahahaha

i talk to much! see ya sk have soo many thoughts that need to be set free here when i get the CHANce!

Mu hah ha ha <- evil laugh

SK said...


I am just getting ready for work on way too little sleep *groans and takes another sip of tea*
Insomnia..hits me in the winter months.

Anyway..good newsw on the shoe hunt. Yesterday in a desperate attempt to find a pair of shoes for tonight, I decided to go back to several stores that I had already goneto...and on my the 8th (Im not kidding) store I found not one but TWO pairs of shoes. Beautiful Hushpuppies ..one black pair, one brown pair. I had altered my search criteria a bit and was so pleased when I grabbed a random pair off the shelf ( that was for some reason my size and they fit so nice that I told the guy to just go find the other shoe and I would take them. Then I saw a black pair , different model, tried them on and couldnt decide so I took them both. So cool ! so cool!

In two of the stores though I had that "dusty shoe box" scenario play out. One the girl actually came out with four boxes stacked in her arms saying that she couldnt find anything in the model I wanted, but she did have "these" in my size. I asked what they were and she said she didnt know yet, but they were my size and she had a few more boxes in the back I could look at. uuummmmm??
Then another store the girl said that the shoe I just tried on should have fit becasue it was my size. I said no, thisis a 41, and she said, but it is your size. I said no, 42 is my size. Then she actually had the nerve to say , no, this IS your size. Then as I was getting my shoe back on she came over with a slipper kind of shoe and said it would be best for me since my foot is so big. Well, it is winter here missy, and I didnt say I was looking for an ugly black slipper.
I work with the public all day...and the first key is to LISTEN to what they want. Not to tell them what they want.

Anyway, story ends well with me in shoes, and nice ones at that. *whos the girl?, I'm the girl...whos the girl? , Im the girl !!*

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