Monday, January 16, 2006

IM SIck today... dunno what i ate... maybe that nutella cake after the noodles and hot chocolate and coffee was not a smart thing to do.... i have spent all day either in bed or puking my brains out... (yes tooo much info there )

still feeling kind of like someone just kicked me in the stomache a couple of times! i havent had anything to eat and even if i drink i feel like puking again... being sick sucks... waaaaaa3

yet i manage to blog today!! hehe sad isnt it?! I guess we have to get sick every once in a while to rememeber the blessing of health! i mean we have all these blessings showered upon us every day that we take for granted and dont even realize.. HAmdulilah for everything..

yesterday i found out that lots of mahjoob members blog here! its soo cool! hehe! i mean i should of figured that out... im still getting the hang of this blogging thingie... i gtg rest a bit ....


pamela said...

I just looked in to see how you were doing...didnt expect to find you sick.
Actually does sound like food poisoning you know.
But no, It cant be the chocolate...never blame it on the chocolat. That is like a rule or something. Writen somewhere where it also mentions that it is one of the basic food groups. Ever sit and eat a jar of Nutella..? ( small one of course). I was having a major sugar craving and just grabbed the jar and a spoon..the rest is history.
Well, not like I do it every day. Actually prefer really good quality chocolate. My favorite is a white chocolate ( I know there is an argument saying white is not real chocolate, but I will ignore that for a moment)...and it is from Belgium..TASSE CAFE brand..and it has tiny little pieces of candied lemon peel in it (lemons from Sisily apparently..did I spell that right?). Dark Mars is good to. And cheeper.
Hope all this food talk isnt making you

Take care of yourself... and remember... chocolate is your friend.

Anonymous said...

Sorry you are sick. I am guessing it was the noodles. But that is only because of a bad incident several years back I had with some take-out food in a chinese restaurant. I will spare you the details which included a call to the Food Inspection Authorities.

My favorite chocolate ... milk chocolate. Sometimes with almonds, but usually just plain.
Oh, and smarties. Throw them in a dish and microwave them for 1 minute..they get all melted inside. Really good. Too good.


Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

do i sense another chocoholic in DA HOUSE! hehe white chocolate is chocolate!! YES INDEED! and i personally would never blame nutella on any mishaps!
answering ur question... yes i have not only attacked a little jar of nutella.. more like the big jar.. (scared yet?)! sometimes there is no spoon around lol.. ok too graphic.. its not a daily thing though.. if it IS then im in trouble! id be obese! wish chocolate wasnt fattening!!
i love swiss chocolate! the other day was in a boufet and i saw HEAVEN ON EARTH.. a swiss chocolate FOUNTAIN...u know the ones with all the fruits and cakes where u dip them in the fountain! *drools on keyboard!

if it werent for the ppl around me i wanted to just place my head in the fountain and SLURrrrrrrrp AWAY! HEHE

again i manage to portray myself as a psychotic mad VOMAN!! thanks for checkin up on moi.. im ok now! have u tried chillies chocolate molten cake?! with icecream...

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

SK! ur back.. never tried that microwave smarties idea.. yummmm
sounds good to me!!
*adds it to TO DO LIST!!

thanks sk.. us tall ppl we think alike! ;)

SK said...

After writing the smartie comment I got a craving. Went to local neighborhood store but all they had was peanut MM's. Figured sure why not...came home and microwaved them. Na. Not a good thing. The peanuts went kind of soft and the chocolate burnt.
*sobs quietly*

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

lol!! sad story.... don;t give up.. just dust urself off and try again with another chocolate!!

yummmm now i have a craving!!

*chocolata search mode INITIATED!

SK said...

LOL, we are both here at the same time.
Forget one craving, I now have four for each personality.
Found some baking chocolate in the that stuff any good to actually eat ? * wrinkles nose and shakes head* I dont think so. Not that desperate.