Monday, January 23, 2006

Im the BirthD@y GiRl 2day!

YES its my BIRTHDAY today!! i just turned 24 exactly 2 hours and 20 mins ago... till not being 24 isnt that bad! hehe well truth is ... its kind of shocking how the years passed by so quickly i never thought i would be 24 so quickly! too bad i still dont act like it! Well.. lets see the things i thought i would have accomplished by the age of 24.. hmmmm look at list...*crumples list... throws it in nearest dust bin!
*decides to STOP writing down a list of GOALS its depressing!

So... lets see... by next year ill still be 24... and the year after that too.. i think this is the age i want to stick to... hehe no more digits to my age....

i remember when i was a kid and used to want to be an adult! used to say i was 10 and a half! or 11 and a half! now its like NO NO NO IM NOT 24 yet.. give me 2 more minutes! haha

my birthday is happy till now... yes technically my birthday starts in the morning but i dont have anything planned.. but for it to be a HAPPY DAY.. chocolate has to be involved... LOTS OF IT! yuuuuummmmm!

i doubt ill get any presents... but if ur interested in sending me a box of chocolates ill give u my address.. hehe

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOi!!! " lookin good" says dino as she glimpses herself in the mirror *pinches own cheeks... and says " ur too cute" haha

ok enough i AGREE lol

p.s. that was said with all modesty.... but i still have to admit im hot ... cant help but hit on myself every once in a while! hehe


SK said...

You are a funny girl.

Best wishes on your birthday. Be sure to treat yourself to something special. Something out of the ordinary that means alot to you but you would not otherwise buy/do. The sky is the limit and spare no expense ... !!!!!

Great attitude ... and congratulations on being 24 forever! With such a positive outlook you will be sure to enjoy every minute of it.

Bonne Fete , joyeux anniversaire et que la vingtaine te sois profitable ... HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

ok... we r online at the same time again! hehe thanks sk ur soo sweet! without u id feel like im talkin to myself... hehe

sorry to burst ur bubble... je ne parles pas francias... i took like 2 years of french and well.... all i remember is some words that dont mean anything anymore... hehe

but im thinkin u said somethin nice hehe :P thanks!

*sk takes this as an opportunity to swear at dino in french!

i dont have have ne thing planned yet... but i know chocolate cake is a MUST! *drools!

thanks again ur like a cyber bundle of love!! *BIG HUG squeezes sk til she cant breath no more!


TwinTopaz said...

hey..Happy Birthday..

Now let make it memorable....go and buy one small gift..not for yourself...but for the maid/office boy/house boy who work for u all these days ;)

Diligent Candy said...

Wishing you a very happy birthday!

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

Twinto hahhahha nice one... i doubt ill be giving out any presents today... but i shall def allow ppl to give me loads of presents hehe erm erm...

*some stranger buys dina a happy meal... erm.. she notices he already ate the meal and gave her the leftover fries... stranger walks away with a cheesy smile and says " happy Bi ( burps)rithday"

ewwwww not a pretty sight...

Dilgent candy thanks a lot! ;)

SK said...


The french ?..only good wishes my dear, only good wishes (no swearing..I promise). Hey , pretty good french o your part though. French is not my first language. That all Canadians speak french/english is false..we learn some in school but only about 20% of us speak it fluently. So good for you ! BRAVO...( croud cheers loudly..and does the wave ) talented!

Have a great day !!

Nana said...

gordonieyeh??? :eek:

kamashtek :rgs: :D