Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Funny Stories II (Humus wala Cerelac)

Well its turns out my previous funny story got even funnier.. i msged my friend who i thought this story was about and told her to check out the post.. only to find out that she is not the person i am talking about. so till now i am unsure whose engagement i missed i dont even remember if i ended up finding the right party. which brings me to chain of endless stories about my memory loss that causes many many many emabrassing moments. but for today.. i will share the funniest story of my life.. i personally think this is the funniest thing that i have ever expereinced... so let me give you a bit of a background on this story..

My dad.. Allah yishfee.. before he got the stroke was always very serious and well we hardly sat there and talked and made jokes. To me he is like al 3ageeed in baab al 7araa. i would attempt to make him laugh or say jokes but usually he either did not react or just gave me a look that meant" SHARRRAP" haha So now knowing that about my dad let me start with what happened..

i love cerelac.. and before i even had lulu i would sometimes buy it and just make some and slurp away.. so one day i just felt like having cerelac and bought some. apparently it did not taste the way i used to and i didnt like it. So i didnt want to throw it away because growing up i was told any food u throw away will " yil7a2ek yowm al qiyama" ( follow u on judement day). so i imagined a huge bowl of ceralac running after me and me drowning in cerelac. so i put it in the fridge.. maye ill eat it later...

NExt day.. i wake up.. to see my dad sitting in the living room. with a troubled look on his face... i ask..

ME :"shu fee?" (whats wrong)

baba : EISH HADA IL FIL TAALAGEH???  fakarto humus 7atyt 3alieh zayt wa ghamastooo ( what was that in the fridge i added olive oil and had some thought it was humus)

ME : *DYing of LAUGHTER at this point ! BABA !! HADA CERELAAAAAAAAC!!! 

LOOOOOOOL so that my dears was the story of how my DAD ghamas CERELAC.

btw i have an idea... why dont you share your funny stories here as well? send me a funny story to my email and if i think its very funny ill draw an illustration for it starring you and i will post it here.. so you get to get a free cartoon of yourself and ofcourse you get to be feaured in my BLOJ :)


Anonymous said...

LOOOL nice !

I have many but not everything can be shared...well one similar story, I was teaching our neighboor back when i was in school, and I kinda got angry, so she fed me biscuit ...turned out it was cat's food, but I only had one bite and threw it away. Not funny. lol

Sweet Escape said...

Lol that's very funny and it's also kind of funny that you like baby food (joking).

I have followed your blog for a long time but don't comment much. But I'm glad to see you are back to blogging :)

Dino$ said...

hamdanism.... what can i say lol i have always wanted to taste those biscuits they look yummmyyy! but lool at ur student hahaha 7abeit-ha

u reminded me of the days i was in jordan. when the moved me from the american school to "MOdern AMerican" i needed to get a home tutor wala akeed kan lisatniti fel tawjeehi! she used to say one thing all the time..

"e7fathee e7fathee" i used to imitate her lol and also reminds me of a previous teacher i had. used to smoke during the whole session. and everytime she would mentioned anyone it had to be followed with
" Allah Yer7amoh" for ex.

jowzi ( Alah yir7amoh) kan ye7eb il wara2 3inab.

ibni ( Allah yir7amoh) kan shater fil riyadeyat

Ukhti Allah yir7amha... kanat tuwasilni 3al droos zaman.

ANd so on.. u get the pic... i started becoming better at math because i was afriad i would be the future "ALlah yer7maha" if i didnt!


Dino$ said...

Sweet Escape... i am soooo glad you are back and i wish i get all my readers back. i know i used to have more readers before but its was my fault they stopped coming cause i stopped blogging. but now i am here :) and inshala will keep posting

thank u for not escaping this site

naysan said...

w malo el cerelaaac?
i used to adore it,,,but once i had children of my own, that crush stopped.

very funny story,,,stories ,keep on going girl.

Dino$ said...

naysan so true i think after i had lulu i stopped craving cerelac.. maybe i felt i was eating her food :S but truth is she doesnt like it!! she only liked the rice cereal.. i love that :P

more stories to come soon

Sniper said...

I can imagine el 3a'3eed eating nemi nemi (nemi nemi is cerelac according to my 1 yr son) lol

hey btw enti sadda2ti i was in a coma? the police comes & arrests Dinos ... Dinos is now under investigation lol... Bagoora eats the remaining maltesers and produces chocolate milk!

Dino$ said...

sniper so u have more than one kid :) lol @ nemi nemi i love how kids make up words when lulu wants the pacifier she says

manamanamana manamananana

haha :P

Funny Facebook statuses said...

Humus wala Cerelac in this name only we can identify its funny . thanks for giveing comedy story.

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